I will put up little thing you can imagine you are doing hope you like them. Also if you want me to make one for you you can post who you want it to be with and what part of your relationship you want it to be at (meeting, first kiss, proposal, ect.....)


7. Forever and Always (NiallzGurl004)

Imagine you are getting ready to go one a date with your boyfriend of 4 years Niall Horan. It's the anniversary of when you met and you are going to a fancy restaurant together to celebrate. You had finally finished getting ready and there is a knock on your door you look over yourself quickly in the mirror to make sure you look good for the gazillionth time and then rush over to answer the door.

You open the door and see Niall standing there with a tux on and a bid bouquet of flowers that he hands to you with a smile. You take them and embrace him with one hand so you don't crush them and invite him inside so you can put them in a vase. You walk into your kitchen and fill up a vase with water and put the flowers inside you walk back out to Niall whose sitting on the couch in the living room. He smiles when you walk in, then stands up and says, "are we good to go?"

You continue to walk over to him, grab his hand and intertwine your fingers with his and say, "yup lets go I am starving."

"That's my girl." He says while walking with you to the door and out to his car. He opens your door for you like a gentlemen and then gets in on the drivers side and pulls out of the drive way and begins to drive to the restaurant.

When you get there he again opens the door for you and you walk inside hand in hand he talks to the hostess and you are taken to a private room in the back of the restaurant. It is beautiful and is lit up by candles and romantic lights that are strung up around the room. There is a bottle of whine and menus on the table. Niall pulls your chair out for you and then sits down across from you.

You pick up the menu and decide on getting the chicken parm because it is your favorite. You both order and you talk and sip whine while you are waiting for your food. It eventually comes and you begin to eat. It's very good and you are both really hungry so it is pretty quite while you eat. You finish and they clear your plates. You order a piece of chocolate cake to share for dessert and wait for it to come.

A waiter walks in with Niall's guitar and hands it to him you find this strange and give him a confused look. He just gives you a kind of nervous smile and grabs the guitar and begins to play. You don't recognize what he is playing but it sounds beautiful. Then he begins to sing.

I love you forever, forever and always
through the good and the bad and the ugly
we'll grow old together and always remember
weather happy or sad or what ever
well still love each other,
forever and always

He stops playing and gets down on one knee and reaches into his pocket and pulls out and box. He opens the box and grabs your hand you begin to tear up as he says, "I love you now and forever and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Valerie will you please to the honor of marrying me." Tears street down your face and you whisper a yes and kiss him you pull away and he wipes away your tears. He take the ring and slips it on your finger and kisses you again.
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