I will put up little thing you can imagine you are doing hope you like them. Also if you want me to make one for you you can post who you want it to be with and what part of your relationship you want it to be at (meeting, first kiss, proposal, ect.....)


6. Fender Bender ( for M5&1DLOVER(:: )

Imagine you are driving to a restaurant to meet up with your friends for a girls day. You are stopped at a red light and begin to drive forward when the light turns green. The car in front of you slams on its brakes. You stop your car just in time and narrowly miss rear ending the car I front of you, but the person that was behind you didn't react as fast and you get rear ended.
You both pull over and get out of your cars so you can exchange insurance information. You look to see if your car is damaged badly but all you seeks a small scratch and chipped pain not even a dent.
Then you see him. He steps out of his car you immediately notice his dark hair and eyes and take him in you can't help but notice that he is very attractive. Then he looks over at you and you recognize him. He's Zayn Malik from one direction, your best friend is obsessed with them so you see and hear enough of them to be able to recognize them anywhere.
He walks over to you with his insurance card and information in his hand. "I am so sorry I wasn't able to stop in time . I wasn't expecting to have to make such a sudden stop." He apologizes.
"It's okay. I barely stopped in time to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Plus you didn't do any real damage to me or my car or anything anyway." You reply somewhat nervously while gesturing towards your car. He flashes you a relieved smile and you smile back.
You turn into your car and reach inside to grab your information. You could feel his eyes on you the whole time and feel a little self conscious. After you finish collecting your info and yourself you turn back around to face him. He hands you his card and your hands brush each other. You feel an electric spark when your hands touch, but try not to show it. You give him your card carefully and make sure your hands don't touch. He smiles at you and asks, "so am I allowed to use this number for anything other then the accidents insurance problems?"
You chuckle and answer, "I guess as long as I am allowed to use your too." He laughs and takes out his phone. He types in your number off of the card so you do the same with his and he says, "Oli what a pretty name." You blush and say, "thanks, Zayn is a very cool name too."
He smiles and extends his hand to shake and you hesitate for a second remembering the electricity, but you don't want to be rude so you reach out and grasp his hand in a firm shake. But as soon as your hands touch you feel the electricity race up your arm. Your stomach does a little flip and you manage to say, "well I have to go, I am meeting my friends to go out today, I really shouldn't keep them waiting." You pause and register the look of slight disappointment flash across his face. " but feel free to text me anytime maybe we can meet up again soon."
His smile returns to his face and he says, " I most definitely will text you and I would love to meet up some time soon." You smile towards each other and give him a quick nod. You walk back to your cars and both start the engines. You pull back onto the road and drive away with a smile on your face. You think to your self, 'I think I have an unofficial date with Zayn Malik from one direction. There's no way my friends are going to believe this!'
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