I will put up little thing you can imagine you are doing hope you like them. Also if you want me to make one for you you can post who you want it to be with and what part of your relationship you want it to be at (meeting, first kiss, proposal, ect.....)


3. Burning (for Ashley 15+)

You walk into your room with Zayn in toe and quickly undress each other in between kisses. You lay on your bed and Zayn begins tracing your body with his hands. His finger tips were burning your skin and you silently pleaded for him to put his lips on you anywhere. With your eyes closed everything seemed more intense. You pleaded again silently in your head for him to put his lips on you anywhere. As if he had read your thoughts his lips slowly trailed there way up your bare back. He reached the the nape of your next and then turned you so you were on your side facing him. He began kissing you again but this time starting at your jawline and working his way down. You let a moan escape your lips and you could feel him smile against your stomach as he continued. "Zayn" You moaned. The kisses on your skin were fast becoming something more. Soon enough he entered you at first it was painful and then the pain melted away into pure pleasure. "Faster" you whispered. He picked up his pace and soon you were gasping for air in between each thrust. Soon his thrust became clumsier and slower he let a groan escape his lips and then you both climaxed together. He rolled away from you and collapsed by your side. You were both breathing heavily and you smiled at each other his big dark eyes sparkled in the dim light you leaned in and kissed him and he wrapped his arms around you and you both fell asleep embracing each other.
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