Take Me Away

Lux has been waiting for her birthday for ages, September 11, right now its year 2025, what happens when she was 5 and didn't care about boys, but now she's 14, trying to fit in, struggling to make boyfriends, and keeping her friends are making her crumble inside, read to find out why!


2. Shine Bright, Tonight.

Chapter 1



     Ah! I'm finally going to turn 14 soon, why does life move on so much, 'Lux?' I got snapped out of my imagination and saw Ms. Patrick looking at me to answer the question. 'Um, 62?' I said trying to figure out 10x6.2. 'Uhh, you're right' she said turning around and babbling on. I am the most popular girl in school, but people think I'm rude with out even knowing me! I turned around and saw Tyler staring at me, he suddenly looked down and blushed, I giggled and turned around.


-20 minutes later-


     Finally, lunch! I got up and got my books. Someone bumped into me and knocked my books over. 'Ugh!' I said kneeling down with my crop top that my mum bought me. 'Here, let me help you with that' Tyler said helping me pick up my books. We finally got them all, and I wish there was more, and I stood up. 'So,' he started, I pushed my blonde hair behind my ear and pushed up my glasses, 'Want to go to the movies on Saturday?' he said with that AMAZING grin. 'S-sure, here's my number' I said taking out a piece of paper and writing my phone number down. 'I'll text you soon, Lux!" he said, as I was walking away, I turned around and said bye. I ran down the stairs to see Meagan, Sima, and Kendra getting yelled at, from the 'Chick Clique', they're scared of me, this will be a piece of cake. 'You're such a snobby a-' she said to Sima and I coughed. 'Oh...hi L-Lux' she said pushing her brown hair behind her ear. 'Why are you attacking my friends?' I said walking towards them and looking straight in her eye, 'I'm not scared to slap you in front of you're little friends, here' I said growling. They just ran off, I turned around and saw everyone clapping. I bowed and giggled, 'let's go get our lunch's'. We never sat at a 'popular table', we said with anyone sitting alone, aww, poor Abby is. 'Let's go sit with Abby!' I said with my tray of food. We sat beside Abby and she stared at us. 'Hey Abby!' I said hugging her. She nodded and went back to her book. 'Guess what guys!' I said seeing everyone staring at me, even Abby. 'Tyler asked me out to a movie on Saturday' I said screaming. Everyone turned silent, 'Just got hit by a bee, no biggie' I said sitting down embarrassed. 'Lux, next time, don't scream!' Meagan said laughing. 



(a/n sorry for the shortness, I felt bad for you guys, so I put a filler, hope you like it! The title page *that is going to be up now or soon* is supposed to be Lux, so yea! BTW all the chaps name will be a lyric from a song)

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