Take Me Away

Lux has been waiting for her birthday for ages, September 11, right now its year 2025, what happens when she was 5 and didn't care about boys, but now she's 14, trying to fit in, struggling to make boyfriends, and keeping her friends are making her crumble inside, read to find out why!


5. Making them Drool to their Chinny Chin Chins

-Lux POV-


     *Knock Knock*, I heard a knock on my door, I screamed "COME IN". "Hey Hey sugar pie" Madison said dancing, she always finds a way to make me laugh. "Hey" I said grumpy, "whats up, love muffin" she said as she stopped smiling and moving the hair out of my face as she sat down on my bed.

      "Tyler cancelled our plans for Saturday" I said bawling my eyes out. "Awe, don't be sad babe" she said hugging me, "there is a week till' Christmas!". "Oh yea, another thing I can be disappointed, too.". "Don't say that! Come on let's go eat dinner, fa la la la" she said in the rhythm of 'Jingle Bells'. I giggled as I raced her down the stairs, oh my god.

       "PAPPI!" I said screaming running to my grandfather. "Hey Chinny" he said using my nickname we used as a kid. "I missed you" I said as a tear streamed down my face.

    Everyone sat quietly watched our grandfather-granddaughter moment. We all sat down and said grace, even though it's not thanksgiving, we still say our thanks.

     "What are you thankful for Lux?" my mom said to me, smiling. "I'm thankful, for my loving relatives and family, friends, pappi, and for having a good healthcare" I said looking down at my food. "Well, let's dig in!" Niall said making us all laugh. I started eating and I finished in under 20 minutes.

     *Ding Dong* "I'll get it" I said getting up and running to the door. "Tyler?!" I screamed about to shut the door but his foot came in the way. "Can we talk, please?" he said pleading, I opened the door and let him in. "What's going on, honey?" My dad called from the kitchen, "Nothing! Just caught a bug" I said scowling at Tyler.

      "I wrote a poem for you" he said having a notebook in his hands. He began to read and I started actually hearing him inside.

  ~5 minutes later~

      Tyler stopped and pursed his lips, I ran up and hugging him, it was so perfect. I saw flashing and saw Louis taking a picture. "I'll see you for tea later" he said pointing to Tyler. I giggled as Tyler grinned, that memorizing grin, how his hair falls in-, "Lux?" he said to me blushing.

       I blushed and looking to the ground, "will you take me back Lux? as a boyfriend?" he said looking at the floor. I answered him with a passionate kiss, I heard a buzz in my phone, I picked it up and saw I got a twitter notification.

      I looked at it and saw Louis posted the picture of me and Tyler and captioned 'Love can never be more better than this'.

       I smiled and put my phone away, "let's do a twitcam!" I said running upstairs to my laptop. I quickly turned it on and tweeted 'COME WATCH ME AND TYLER ON TWITCAM NOW AND MAYBE SEE THE BOYS' I said tagging all the boys, we started the twitcam and the first thing I saw was Zayn, Liam, and Niall came and watched.

        "Well this is my new girlfriend" he said, "and this is my new boyfriend" I said kissing him.



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