Take Me Away

Lux has been waiting for her birthday for ages, September 11, right now its year 2025, what happens when she was 5 and didn't care about boys, but now she's 14, trying to fit in, struggling to make boyfriends, and keeping her friends are making her crumble inside, read to find out why!


6. I don't need no one else(Short, writers block)


    "Well, just to tell you guys, Zayn, Liam, and Niall are watching" I said, and all of a sudden people started posting 'NIALL NOTICE ME' or 'NIAM NIAM OH MY GOSH'. I started laughing and one comment made my heart melt, it said "Guys, it's not about them its about Lux, Lux you are beautiful ;) xx <3" I'm guessing Tyler saw that, too because he automatically said "Hey, @GordonHeath back off" I laughed at Tyler's jealousy.

     Harry walked in, and put his bushy curls on the webcam, I pushed his head out of way and he fell. I laughed so hard, "yea laugh now, you better run" I ran downstairs behind my mum. "Hey, hey relax!" she yelled at me, "but MOM! Tell Uncle Harry to stop!" I screamed. "Harry stop" was all she said, and Harry automatically said "Yes Lou". "Clear the table Harry" she said gesturing at my pappi carrying all the plates, we all laughed seeing him struggled. I stuck my tongue at Harry as I ran up the stairs.

     "BACK!" I screamed jumping on top of Tyler, he looked up and I gave him a kiss. Everyone started said "Aww!" or "Get Married!". Tyler and I laughed at that one, "We just started dating" he told that person laughing. "Time for a follow spree" I said happily, Liam tweeted "follow me! It would make my day!" I wrote back, "No, I don't follow people named Liam James Payne". Liam came and told everyone that I'm a very mean person. "I kicked him out and we continued the twitcam. "Hm, @1Dfollowme, haha I think I can help you" she automatically wrote and I quote "OMG ILYSM OMG OMG OMG" I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants.

      I told Uncle Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis to follow her and she was crying, "hey I'm feeling generous...so I'll make a contest so I can fly 2 of you to London to meed 1D!" I screamed hugging Tyler. I laughed at peoples comments, "we got to go guys! Time for tea" Tyler said putting his pinkies up. I laughed and kissed Tyler, I tried finding the mouse and clicked the 'end twitcam' button. "I love you" I said to him, "I love you, too" he said trying to tickle me.

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