Take Me Away

Lux has been waiting for her birthday for ages, September 11, right now its year 2025, what happens when she was 5 and didn't care about boys, but now she's 14, trying to fit in, struggling to make boyfriends, and keeping her friends are making her crumble inside, read to find out why!


3. Dress Up Like Hipsters

    Chapter 2

   'Hello?' I said walking into a empty hallway where my daughter ran into. 'Princess, it's daddy, where are you?' I said getting nervous, I finally heard giggling in her room. I ran in, 'I found y-' I screamed and then I saw paint and crayon all over the wall. 'What did you do to daddy's room, Maggie?' I said scooping her up and tickling her. She started laughing hysterically, 'Okay, time to go to Lux to babysit you' I said picking her up and taking her downstairs to Lux. 'Can you babysit Maggie, please?' I said pleading her. 'Only if you get me a Vanilla Bean Creme Frap' She said to me, joking, but being serious. 'Okay, thanks Lux!' I said chuckling, and I ran out the door.

-Lux POV-

   'What do you want to do, princess Maggie?' I said picking her up and twirling her around. 'Ba, Ba!' she screamed, 'the ball again?' I said getting tired of her playing ball every time. Then, the doorbell rang, 'stay with them' I said pointing to Maggie. I ran to the door and saw someone I really hated, 'what are you doing here, Holly?' I said in a snobby way. 'Because I heard Niall was here anyways, and why are you here?' she said staring at me, 'because, it's my house,' I said into her face, 'well, bye now' I slammed the door on her face. 'Who was that?' Sima said chowing down on her Twizzlers, 'Niall's ex', we all pretend gasped and laughed it off. 'Let's watch Wreck it Ralph!' Kendra said, she always wanted to watch it, 'fine!' I said laughing.

-20 minutes later-

    The doorbell rang again when Ralph was at the meeting with all the bad guys, I ran to the door and saw uncle Harry with my star bucks, 'thanks dude! I owe you one, big time' I said taking a sip of my Vanilla Bean Creme Frappichino(I have no idea how to spell it). 'Oh by the way, this guy named Tyler is outside' he said, I pushed uncle Harry out of the way and I went outside. 'For Saturday, umm, the plans are off' he said straight into my face and left. I ran inside and ran up the stairs, worst day of my life!


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