Meeting Friends

One Day, I went to the city where I lived to meet my friends, they are also my best friends. There is no beach so we stayed in the pool the hole day, and it was funny because all I sayd Duda laughed like a crazy girl, and Dani was so serious that we started laughing of her. Meet the best friends are the best thing we can do after staying a long time without seeing them.
I love them, and they know this!

But take care of you, cause when you are with them you are the crazy girl of the story.


1. Friends

Friends everybody has, but friends are the ones that are always with you, always helping you...

I have friends, like you, and I know new friends all places where I go through.

Friends are by my side all the times that I need them.

Friends are cool like you, but we spend all day in the pool.

I'll meet my friends another day, but I want them to stay


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