That One Thing

Alex loves One Direction and she was excited to go to their concert. Little did she know that at the concert Harry saw how beautiful she was. As Harry was trying to impress her she was trying to impress Niall. Harry soon found out that she liked Niall more than him. Will Alex keep trying to impress the boy that doesn't have feelings for her or will she see Harry's love for her? Read to find out....


2. One Thing

When Alex and Cassie got to the O2 Arena you got out of the car amd headed towards the enterance so you could show your tickets to the lady up front.
"May I have your tickets please?" The lady at the enterance said. She seemed really nice. Alex searched through her purse but she couldn't find her ticket. She was really upset. She told Cassie that she would wait outside untill the concert was over. Alex sat down on the curb by the street in tears. "Why does everything bad always happen to me?!" Alex was so mad. Then she heard a deep british accented voice talk to her. "Hello love. Why are you out here crying instead of being in there waiting for the show to start?" Alex looked upand saw the one and only Harry Styles......"I-I lost my concert ticket. And my friend is in there waiting for you guys to start singing." She tried not to fangirl in front of him. "Some friend she is." He said very surprised at the fact that Alex's friend left her out on the curb. "Hey. Why don't you come in with me and we can hang out after the concert? You can watch from the side of the stage." He said very sweetly. "Okay! I would love that!" She almost blew out his ear drum. "Sorry for screaming". "Its okay I'm used to it." As Alex walked with Harry he started to sing One Thing amd little did she know he was singing to her.
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