That One Thing

Alex loves One Direction and she was excited to go to their concert. Little did she know that at the concert Harry saw how beautiful she was. As Harry was trying to impress her she was trying to impress Niall. Harry soon found out that she liked Niall more than him. Will Alex keep trying to impress the boy that doesn't have feelings for her or will she see Harry's love for her? Read to find out....


1. Getting Ready

Alex was getting ready to go to a One Direction concert. She was sooo excited! Her favorite was Niall. She knew everything there was to know about him. She has been called a "Directionator" a lot but she is not a directionator she loves all of them. Then she heard a knock at her door."Alex. C'mon we're gonna be late!" her mom yelled. "Okay mom I'm ready lets go." " I just don't want you to throw a tantrum because we were late to a silly boy band concert," her mom said. "It's not a silly boy band! It's One Direction!" Alex hated it when her mom called them a silly boy band. "Okay I'm sorry!" Alex's mom laughed. "Do you have your ticket?" her mom asked. "Yeah. It's in my purse." Alex said confidently. "Okay. I'll drop you off at Cassie's and you and her can drive there together. I obviously don't want to sit at a One Direction concert during my free time so you can have fun with your friend." her mom said as she pulled into your friend, Cassie's driveway. "Great! I'd rather go with my best friend than you anyways!" you teased. Then you went and got cassie and both of you drove off.

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