I Will See You Again

Marilyn Juster 16 and Harry Styles 16
are the most sweetest couple until one day, on Marilyns birthday, Marilyn has to leave holmes chapel to go to her dads funeral.
Marilyn was so sad that she forgot it was her birthday, Harry being the best boyfriend ever got Marilyn the most best birthday present, and now you are wondering whats so bad about half
it well heres why. While Marilyn was in the air plane she got into a plane crash, she had to go to the hospital, she survived but, she looks a bit different
and she got memory loss, Marilyn had to stay in a coma for 2 years, While Marilyn is in the coma Harry becomes famous, but when Marilyn comes out of the coma she too gets famous a famous dancer and singer thats in a band named JKM, but the thing is will harry and marilyn remember each other or does it all depend on the special birthday present?
read to find out!


8. Getting along

Jennifer's   POV :
There was this girl and I think she was crying, she's probably new here, ehh I probably should go help her
Cause like I think I should start making friends now I probably should go and help her. She looks friendly blonde hair dip dyed in purple with ocean blue eyes with wet tears running from her eyes. Aww man she's so lucky eh gets a purple hospital gown and I get a grey one? I looked up and down my hospital gown blehhh!! Ok focus you were mainly thinking about...... Oh yeah that girl over there I better get going. I started my feet towards her well actually being her but whatever. I was behind her "Hey why the tears" I asked casually, she didn't answer so I lightly tapped her on the shoulder  "TAP" She tuned around this time she looked so sad that I got sad. Out of no where she screamed " YOU CAN SEE ME " she looked happy "umm yeah I'm also in a coma too ya know " I replied smiling, seeing her smile spread a bigger smile across me face. "'oh ok thanks I thought no one could see me" she said.
It was an awkward silence and then out of no where we blurted out laughing earning some wierd and mean looks from other people in a coma. 
As the laughing calmed down I figured we haven't introduced ourselves yet so I began " him in Jennifer" I said holding my hand out for a hand shake, " nice name and oh my name is Marilyn" she said.

She was about to give me a hand shake but she stopped herself with a worried look on her face,
" what's wrong " I asked with a worried look building up my face, man I just met this girl and when she gets sad I get sad when she gets happy I get happy weird, but I guess we will have a strong friendship.
" oh nothing " she replied, " then why the sad face" I asked curious to find out, suddenly her frown turned upside down and she replied  " well you see I only give hugs " she replied happily.
She pulled me into a hug with huge smiles plastered on both of our faces.
Once we pulled away from the hug I decided to be the first one to speak up " so let's start getting to know each other " I started " ok " Marilyn replied excitedly " ok so my full name is 
Jennifer Hope Livton.... Umm and my favourite color is purple I am an only child and my mom died so I live with my dad and I don't go to work because my dad has lots of money he works as something but he never tells me what I'm single I don't have any best friends... Yet and umm and I have a passion for singing and dancing and I love swimming, tennis, art, math, singing, and dancing and you " I said finally finishing. " well um... " she began.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Marilyn's  POV: 
" well umm " I began " My full name is Marilyn Taylor Juster and people call my M.J instead of Marilyn sometimes ....umm.....oh yeah and my favourite color is also purple my passion is also singing and dancing I love swimming, basket ball, volleyball, foose ball, skating, and soccer oh and I am actually an international soccer player and a foose ball champion I also don't have and best friends.... Well yet like you said umm I work at bojangles I teach dance I am not single and I just turned 16 today I know it sucks" I finished "really!!" she asked surprised "yup" I answered popping the "p" " wait " screamed Jen wow I already have a nick name for her that's funny lol " what " I screamed back it the same time "I forgot to tell you im 15 turning 16 in like a few weeks" said Jen in a calmer voice, I looked at her she looked at me and we both started laughing with tears in our eyes
We were now rolling on the floor laughing like crazy.
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