I Will See You Again

Marilyn Juster 16 and Harry Styles 16
are the most sweetest couple until one day, on Marilyns birthday, Marilyn has to leave holmes chapel to go to her dads funeral.
Marilyn was so sad that she forgot it was her birthday, Harry being the best boyfriend ever got Marilyn the most best birthday present, and now you are wondering whats so bad about half
it well heres why. While Marilyn was in the air plane she got into a plane crash, she had to go to the hospital, she survived but, she looks a bit different
and she got memory loss, Marilyn had to stay in a coma for 2 years, While Marilyn is in the coma Harry becomes famous, but when Marilyn comes out of the coma she too gets famous a famous dancer and singer thats in a band named JKM, but the thing is will harry and marilyn remember each other or does it all depend on the special birthday present?
read to find out!


2. "BOOM" then everything went black......

Harry's  POV 
 I'm going to miss her too much, yeah it's only 2 weeks but it will feel like 2 years. I should really stop worrying about Marilyn I'm driving what if I crash or something. I turned the radio on and ~ isn't she lovely  by Stevie Wonder~ came on. I started singing it:
" isn't she lovely 
Isn't she wonderful 
Isn't she precious 
Less than one minute old 
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she 
But isn't she lovely made from love isn't she pret- HOLY SHIT" I screamed at the end. I just saw British Airlines also known as Marilyn's airplane, crash. As soon as my thoughts went to Marilyn, I turned the wheels around and was heading my way back to the airport in full speed!
Once I got to the airport, there was ambulances, polices, doctors , paramedics, nurses everywhere there was a HUGE crowd of people at the side probably the people that were waiting for their planes. "TAKE THESE 32 PEOPLE TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP" it was one of the doctors,..... Wait there were 167 people on Marilyn's plane so that means,....1....6...7, that means 135 people survived... Wait what about Marilyn. I ran to every single paramedics, nurses, and doctors no hope until I asked one doctor " umm excuse me sir have you by any chance treated or seen Marilyn juster sir" I asked In a hurry staying as calm as I could " well yes young man she is at the hospital they are taking her in that ambulance" he said pointing at an ambulance " thank you" I shouted while running towards my car. I sat in my car and as soon as that ambulance was driving away , I was right behind them following. The radio was still on " shut the hell up " I said turning it off.

Marilyn's   POV
 I got into the plane, I made myself comfy. Oh wow I was already missing Harry, " EVERYBODY PUT YOUR AIRBAGS ON WE ARE ABOUT TO CRASH" screamed one of the flight attendants running back to the back of the plane. In no hurry I put on my airbag, and the last thing I heard was a "BOOOM " then everything went black.

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