I Will See You Again

Marilyn Juster 16 and Harry Styles 16
are the most sweetest couple until one day, on Marilyns birthday, Marilyn has to leave holmes chapel to go to her dads funeral.
Marilyn was so sad that she forgot it was her birthday, Harry being the best boyfriend ever got Marilyn the most best birthday present, and now you are wondering whats so bad about half
it well heres why. While Marilyn was in the air plane she got into a plane crash, she had to go to the hospital, she survived but, she looks a bit different
and she got memory loss, Marilyn had to stay in a coma for 2 years, While Marilyn is in the coma Harry becomes famous, but when Marilyn comes out of the coma she too gets famous a famous dancer and singer thats in a band named JKM, but the thing is will harry and marilyn remember each other or does it all depend on the special birthday present?
read to find out!


3. Authors note

A/N well first of all thank you everyone who reads my movella and second of all I need two new girls you'll see why...... So tell me your name last name color of eyes what kind of hair and which one of these you want to date Niall, Liam and maybe Harry so thanks.
I will try to update when I can and I'm sorry if my writing or stuff like that sucks or isn't right I'm sorry I will try to do my best to fix it because I write my movellas on my iPod and yeah so thanks for reading and i'll try tO do my best to update very often lots of love,

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