I Will See You Again

Marilyn Juster 16 and Harry Styles 16
are the most sweetest couple until one day, on Marilyns birthday, Marilyn has to leave holmes chapel to go to her dads funeral.
Marilyn was so sad that she forgot it was her birthday, Harry being the best boyfriend ever got Marilyn the most best birthday present, and now you are wondering whats so bad about half
it well heres why. While Marilyn was in the air plane she got into a plane crash, she had to go to the hospital, she survived but, she looks a bit different
and she got memory loss, Marilyn had to stay in a coma for 2 years, While Marilyn is in the coma Harry becomes famous, but when Marilyn comes out of the coma she too gets famous a famous dancer and singer thats in a band named JKM, but the thing is will harry and marilyn remember each other or does it all depend on the special birthday present?
read to find out!


1. Air Port

Marilyn POV
I sat up to give harry a kiss on the cheek, “I am going to miss you so much” I practically cried, “not as much as I’m going to miss you” replied harry trying to hold his tears back as hard as he could.
I’m going to the airport because well…you see someone important in my family died, my dad and I had to go his funeral so that means I have to leave Holmes Chapel and the love of my life to go back to my home city London. As I ended my train of thoughts there seemed to be no more tears for me to cry, I had the courage to stop so I stopped I couldn’t take it anymore I cried my way into Harry’s arms, “so Mary can I drive you to the airport” Harry asked knowing that I already asked him if he could “well of course your majesty” I played along cracking a smile, “now that’s the spirit” he said in his strong British accent. “ok so um I’m going to go pack my stuff stay in the car okay” I commanded him “yeah ok” he replied as I walked over to my room to pack.
Once I finished packing I headed to the car to put my luggage in the trunk, with Harry helping me. We put my luggage in the trunk and were heading our way to the airport. Once we got to the airport and we gave all my suitcases to one of the airport workers, we were heading our way to the airplane, but once I was about to step into the airport Harry stopped me by holding my arm and screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARILYN” putting a bracelet that had Harry+Marilyn=4ever written on it “OH MY GOD thank you soooo much harry” I shouted happily “but wait there’s more” harry said sounding like a commercial or an add “what Harry you honestly didn’t need to” I said meaning it “ well it is your birthday” he said back handing me a little box. I opened it revealing a pair of beautiful heart earrings “oh wow harry don’t tell me theres more”
“but if I said that then I would be lying……close your eyes and turn around” commanded harry.
I nodded my head letting him know that I will do what he told me to, so I closed me eyes and turned around feeling harrys soft hands moving my hair to the side.
After I felt something cold around my neck, “done….ok now open your eyes” said harry adding a little hand clap at the end.
I slowly fluttered my eyes open and looked down seeing half a heart that had “I’m Harrys and I love him” engraved in it “I have the other one” said harry taking out another or the other half of the necklace “oh my god harry thank you so much i..i ..i I love you to much” I said stuttering because I guess the tears decided to show up again “well do you mind if I asked you to put my necklace around my neck” asked harry “w….w..well y...ya s..sure” I replied with a hint of happiness in my voice.
He handed me his necklace, when he handed it to me I started reading what it had on it and it had “I’m Marilyns and I love her” also engraved on it. I put it around Harrys neck making him giggle a bit, from what i know its probably the fact that he's so ticklish. I hooked the two ends of the necklace together making it create a "CLICK" sound
" and..... done " i said finishing. At the moment i turned around i felt something soft against my lips, i opened to see the sight of harrys beautiful green eyes staring back at
my plain blue eyes. 
As soon as we let go harry smiled at me and said "dont forget" i smiled as soon as he said that and looked down at me feet, my head shot up to hear myself saying "only if you dont forget me" I replied.
We hugged each other and with that i headed towards the plane doors.
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