I Will See You Again

Marilyn Juster 16 and Harry Styles 16
are the most sweetest couple until one day, on Marilyns birthday, Marilyn has to leave holmes chapel to go to her dads funeral.
Marilyn was so sad that she forgot it was her birthday, Harry being the best boyfriend ever got Marilyn the most best birthday present, and now you are wondering whats so bad about half
it well heres why. While Marilyn was in the air plane she got into a plane crash, she had to go to the hospital, she survived but, she looks a bit different
and she got memory loss, Marilyn had to stay in a coma for 2 years, While Marilyn is in the coma Harry becomes famous, but when Marilyn comes out of the coma she too gets famous a famous dancer and singer thats in a band named JKM, but the thing is will harry and marilyn remember each other or does it all depend on the special birthday present?
read to find out!


4. 2 YEARS?!?!?!?!?

Harry's  POV

 Finally the ambulances reached the hospital. I hurried to go park my car and when I came back all the ambulances were empty.
I decided to go ask one of the nurses if they have seen Marilyn " umm excuse me miss but have you seen a umm a girl named Marilyn she was
one of the people that were in the plane crash" I said in a hurry " umm OH yes Marilyn Juster she is in....." she paused looking at the board in her hand " room 48 down the hall then keep on going straight and please just wait in the waiting room she's being treated right now they will call you when they are done" answered the nurse " oh ok
Thanks" I said sounding appreciated.
I ran in the directions she gave me and then finally " room 39.....40.....41..42....43...44..
45...46..47..and 48! There" I mumbled to my self, I looked through the windows that the rooms had and there was Marilyn surrounded by doctors with blue masks covering there mouths. I burst out crying heading my way to one of the chairs in the waiting room.  
~~~~~~4 hours later~~~~~~~~~
 I felt something vibrate  in my pocket, i think it was my phone, i took my phone out too be  greeted with a text from my mom it read:

From  Anne-cox: {Hey sweetie how's Marilyn is she okay text me back miss you ❤lots of love❤ mom}

Right when I was about to text back,
The door to Marilyn's room flew open and out came a doctor. I stood up to show some respect and said " so how is she" 

" well do you want to hear the good thing or the bad thing"

" the good thing please"

" well the good thing is that she survived"

" oh my god really... Thank goodness"

" and the bad thing is that well she survived but she has to stay in a coma for 2 years" 


" yes I'm very sorry it was a really bad crash you know come she is in this room" the doctor said leading me to the room where Marilyn's life less body was laying in.
I stood in front of her looking at her innocent face, my thoughts got interrupted when the doctor said " ya know she is in a coma but she can still here you and even though she is in a coma her spirit still lives she travels around the hospital and she can hear you like I said and don't worry she won't be lonely"

" oh ok thanks " I replied awkwardly . The doctor Left me alone with her. I took a deep breath and began " Marilyn please don't go please I know you can hear me you mean everything to me I -I-I  I can't live without you please come back I-I -I-I LOVE YOU you mean every single thing to me I'm nothing with out you without you  I wouldn't even know what the meaning of life is I wouldnt even know what direction in life I would take please come back your my life you are my everything  a world without you is like a world with no air you are the love of my life I LOVE YOU " I whispered stuttering trying to hold back the years.
I couldn't take it anymore I burst on the hospital floor bawling  my eyes out.
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