Chasing Love

Young Allison Ward runs away from her longtime boyfriend , Niall, due to hate and misunderstood words. He chases her to every place she goes because he is deeply in love with her. Read her diary and hear what hes thinking when he thinks of her or sees her.


1. Where Did You Go?

I needed to get away from him. From the love of my life. That thought and those words still haunt me as I'm on my flight. I knew I was going to get this and get hate from the fans as soon as I was right by his side during the awards. I guess I expected this but never expected it to get this bad and this serious. I still hear his voice in my head saying "Don't worry about it babe. If they for real they support and love me and you." He always used to tell me that. I believed him for the first few months he started telling me that. The time he told me that same thing, I said "I know Niall, I believe you now.", was a huge mistake. Cause from there on I never heard him say those words again. I guess I needed that. I needed him to continuly tell me that. I still need to get away from his and his fame. Writing this down was supposed to help me but all it's done is made me think about it more, which is exactly the opposite of what I need right now. I keep thinking maybe I sould call, text, email him. Everytime I think about that I take out my laptop or phone then I actually think about doing it. "No." I say to myself everytime. I get 100 texts a day from him saying "Where did u go?!"    "What did I do?"      "Baby.. is it me?!!"        "I need you!!!"       "Come back & we can work it out, for better or for worse..  I LOVE YOU"       "I get it... xx". The truth? I don't want to respond to those thinking that it will just draw me back to him.  Where Did I Go?

                                                                                   - Allison Ward 11-6-12 

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