Chasing Love

Young Allison Ward runs away from her longtime boyfriend , Niall, due to hate and misunderstood words. He chases her to every place she goes because he is deeply in love with her. Read her diary and hear what hes thinking when he thinks of her or sees her.


2. He's Getting Clues

My first plane just landed. I'm scared because this is a whole new place, new religions, new people. I'm excited at the same time, maybe I can get a new start, a new life, and new stories. Maybe I'll even meet someone new, someone that won't make me put my own life in danger by the threats. Someone normal who willnot take me for granted. Someone who care and love me. Not many of Niall's fans knew I had a twitter because I made it nothing to do with my real name. Tricky me. Anyway, once I landed and got to my hotel I got on twitter, saw some tweets, favorited, and decided to completely ignore his page. Who knew if he was tweeting about me or not. I tweeted saying "gr8 being here! this was the place i ALWAYS said i wanted 2 go 2 . xx". Only 3 minutes later at the most i got a text from Niall, since i was already on my phone i decided to read it, but not respond. It was a text requoting my tweet. He said "I remember when u told me this magical place u always dreamed of going to. see ya in 3 hrs sweets(; xx" Shit... Niall now knows where I am! At least he doesn't in what part of this huge... place... I'm in ...

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