Nialls princess

Casey meets Niall on an airplane she is 18 years old and has a younger brother named jake. Casey and jake are really close and never fight, casey and Alexa her best friend go on a trip. Read to find out what happeneds with Niall and Casey will they fall in love or stay good friends ?!


2. We meet

We gave our tickets and got on the plane, '' I'm gonna head to the bathroom '' Alexa says. Then suddenly I hear a voice '' Niall no give it back ! '' and I think that was Louis Tomlinson in one direction , I wasn't a fangirl but I liked them. They are kinda cute but Iv always had a soft spot for the Irish one named Niall.

All of a sudden I feel someone bump me so I turn, and look into Nialls beautiful blue eyes. '' hey I'm Niall '' he says right after louis pushes him and he falls into Alexa's spot '' hey I'm Casey '' I say and smile then we shake hands. We start to talk and play 21 questions but it turns out to be more like 200 questions.

Alexa's -
I walk out of the bathroom and start walking to my chair then I see Niall horan there. Someone pulls me over by the hand '' hey you must be Alexa '' Harry says '' um yes uh why is that guy sitting in my seat? '' I ask confused '' oh you can sit with us , it looks like Niall likes your friend '' Liam says '' um okay '' I say and sit down. We get to know each other well.

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