Nialls princess

Casey meets Niall on an airplane she is 18 years old and has a younger brother named jake. Casey and jake are really close and never fight, casey and Alexa her best friend go on a trip. Read to find out what happeneds with Niall and Casey will they fall in love or stay good friends ?!


16. Party

We went upstairs to my room and got dressed, I had a red dress on with red flats and Niall had on his red polo.
We went downstairs and said goodbye then headed out.

We got to the party five minutes later and walked in '' hey case ! '' Evan said and ran up to me and gave me a hug '' hey ev, this Is my boyfriend Niall '' I said '' it's really nice to meet you Niall! Take care of Casey she deserves a great guy. '' ev says '' nice to meet you too and oh I will haha'' Niall says and we all laugh. We go by the couch and sit down, I keep on seeing Niall eye some guys '' niall ? What's wrong '' I ask '' guys keep on staring at you and I don't like it '' he says '' that's how I feel everyday ! '' I say to him '' oh I'm sorry babe '' he says '' it's all right '' I say and kiss him.

4 hours later we leave, because it was 11 at night. We drive home, get in bed (in the same bed) in my room.
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