Nialls princess

Casey meets Niall on an airplane she is 18 years old and has a younger brother named jake. Casey and jake are really close and never fight, casey and Alexa her best friend go on a trip. Read to find out what happeneds with Niall and Casey will they fall in love or stay good friends ?!


9. Forgot

It was 7 am when I woke up, I found me wrapped tightly around Niall and he would not let go.
I try to unwrap myself from Niall to get my phone that was on the table, but then Niall woke up '' oops sorry '' I said he says it's alright then kisses me on the neck.

I get up to check my text, mom- hey casey how are you doing? Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks. Jake misses you.

Oh shoot I forgot I am going home in 2 weeks ! What do I tell Niall ?!

'' who is it babe? '' he says noticing I have a sad face '' my mom and she is just reminding me that I'm going HOME in 2 weeks '' I say and lay back down next to him. '' Casey ? Will you go out with me ?! '' he asks me and sits up '' yes ! '' I say and start to tear up till we lean in and kiss '' I'm gonna miss you '' he says '' wait you have a concert in 1 week right?! '' then after that don't you have 3 weeks off?! '' I ask '' yes why '' he asks '' you could spend two weeks at my house if you would like ?! '' I ask '' that would be amazing but are you sure your parents at alright with it?! '' h asks '' I'll text them. '' I say and I get my phone an text them and say Niall asked me out, they already knew who Niall was because my cousin I a fan of one direction, I told them how we were friends last week. '' they said yes !! '' I said and he smiled an we kissed.

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