Nialls princess

Casey meets Niall on an airplane she is 18 years old and has a younger brother named jake. Casey and jake are really close and never fight, casey and Alexa her best friend go on a trip. Read to find out what happeneds with Niall and Casey will they fall in love or stay good friends ?!


17. Bad dream

Me and Niall were snuggling, when jake came in my room.

'' casey ! I'm scared I had a bad dream '' jake says and turns on the lights. Me and Niall look at each other '' I'll be right back '' I say '' okay '' Niall says and I walk with Jake to his bedroom, I read him a story and he still is scared.

We walk back into my room '' jakey is still scared '' I say '' hey jake do you want to come sleep in Casey's room ? '' Niall asked and I smile at him jake doesn't answer but he Nodds his head.
He runs to the to Niall and gives him a hug '' hop in '' Niall says and I say '' are you sure Niall? ''. '' yes '' Niall says and jake hops in and then I do to. 2 hours later jake is asleep and I get up then Niall does too '' I'm gonna carry him back to bed '' I say '' no I got it you lay down an get some rest ! '' he says and I hop into bed 2 minutes later Niall comes back and shuts the light off, he hops back into bed and lifts me up I giggle and he wraps me up into his lap. '' thanks '' i say '' no problem anything for my princess '' niall says , I lay down on his chest and we fall asleep like that.
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