Nialls princess

Casey meets Niall on an airplane she is 18 years old and has a younger brother named jake. Casey and jake are really close and never fight, casey and Alexa her best friend go on a trip. Read to find out what happeneds with Niall and Casey will they fall in love or stay good friends ?!


11. Airplane

Caseys - it's 4 am and Alexa and Niall are still sleeping, I usually get up yearly to go get a Timmies
I wrote a note for them
Note - Niall, and Alexa I'm going to get a timmies ill be back in a few <3
Then I take a shower do my hair put on an outfit, brush my teeth then head out the door.
I am walking today
I get back 10 minutes later and Alexa is in the shower while Niall is watching television '' got ya timmies '' I say to him and hand him a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin and a kiss. '' thanks babe '' he says and kisses me back.

Alexa gets out of the shower and Niall take one.

10 minutes later we are all ready to go, we check out of the hotel and Niall texts the boys. We get to the airport at 5:23 am exactly and we get our tickets, theres a lot of fans there asking to take pictures so it takes us a long time, when Niall is tired of signing a autographs he tells me to get on his back. '' why ? '' I ask '' because I love you '' he replyes '' I love you too Niall '' I say
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