A little blurb, and my first post here on movellas :)

Lilith was involved in the Rebirth project to start over her life, but then things become darker when the true purpose is reveiled.


1. Purgatory

The girl woke suddenly, the light in the room burning her eyes. Her back laid on a cold tile floor, and in her hand laid a gun. Its cold metal made her shiver as she sat up to look around. The silence was terrifying, with her delicate footsteps being the only thing resonating around her. She knew nothing of where she was, or even of who she was. It; was as though she had been made out of nothing and dropped into a lonely and cold metal hell. Yet something tugged at her mind, something important.


*  *  *

The director watched as the frail girl wondered about the room, gun in hand. He was everything he had hoped for as a subject, at least before she was. She had been friendly, but also had a heart of stone cold metal. Her past was a mess of foster homes and abuse, so her willingness to take on what he called the Rebirth Project was no surprise. The concept was simple, erase all memories of the subject’s lives, train them in weaponry and fighting, and then ship them off to whatever military base asked for them for what appeared to be WW3 on the horizon. When it came to being shipped off however, the girl hadn't taken so lightly to it.


    "You never told me about being shipped." She had said angrily.


     "I didn't, but by now that shouldn't matter." He said almost triumphantly, "If they want you at their base, they'll ask for you. Be happy about this Lilith, if you die everyone will commemorate you."


Those were dangerous words, but they shocked her because of the directors coldness towards her fate.  Instead of trying to hit the man or run, she stayed. Her eyes lost their light, and suddenly she pulled a knife from her pocket and slit her own thorat.

 This was something she had suspected, but prayed that it wouldn't come true. She didn't want to die as a machine for a war. She didn't want commemoration.  She wanted to live her life differently, that was all.

Was it all just a lie?

*  *  *

     Lilith finished exploring the small room, finding nothing to tell her of who she was. But then when she went to put lay against one of the walls, she noticed a mirror. A mirror, with her pale reflection staring back. The skin was like snow, except for a harsh scar along her throat. Where had it come from? She went over and examined it, as the director smiled.

 It would come back to her, he just knew it. Lilith then felt as sharp pain, like her head had just split open, and she found herself curled into a ball on the floor. The director was ust as cinfused, but only for a moment. Because then he remembered the chip. The chip they put in her to make her forget. In this case it was supressing the memories enough to where the chip itself was doing damage to her. He hadn't antisipated this, but it was an intresting development.

    Then the pain suddenly stopped, as Lilith laid on the group montionless. For a moment the director wondered if she was dead.  Yet she stood up, her face grave, eyes aflame.

"I know your there," Lilith said angrily, "I know everything."

She would not die, not if she had anything to say about it. Lilith studied the gun in her hand, and shot out the light above, the room becoming dark. Not  a sound was heard, and the director scrambled to find the lever to the generator. Then he felt the cold metal of Liliths gun pressed against his head.

 "Lilith, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I've done." He pleaded.

Lilith said only one thing before pulling the trigger.

"Sorry won't be enough. It never is."


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