Dream Destination


1. Why did I move here?, I guess it was the weather!.

It was a warm sunny night in Paris and I was watching the clock on the wall, I could see it was getting late and I wasn't tired, at all.

I finally managed to close my eyes but I could sense something was wrong, I felt *off edge* an uneasy feeling was brewing, I thought "I must sort this & see what's wrong, if I can." So I went downstairs and carefully looked around but there was nothing there, Bathroom? Nope, Kitchen?, Nope, Living Room?, Nope.

I tried to sleep again but I was Still uneasy. I needed to get away from all this, I needed to be somewhere where I could be at ease.

I looked around & I saw a place in a holiday Boucher, it was in America, I thought "Hey, this could be what you need to be at ease." I went to the Travel Agents to book my holiday & in to dys I'm going for 6 months.

I started packing and I made sure I had what I needed, after a while I finished & I went to bed, where just the same as last night, I felt more uneasy again...

I thought "What is wrong with me, why do I keep feeling this way, is it a sign, side effects or my thoughts?."
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