Satin Sheets

I just need satin sheets and satinpillows. Since I dont have you. Dont need big cars and the best clothes.


1. Satin Sheets

To lie on I need satin Sheets

Just for my tears I need satin pillows

I'm not happy without you

I don't need fancy cars, or clothes

I just want to be free


There's another man for me

That gives me more than you

Everything I had with you

But someone to hold me tight

On a long lonely night

I'm not happy with you


I just need some satin sheets

Satin pillows for my tears

I'm just not happy why can't you see

I don't need your fancy cars or clothes

I just need for you to let me go


Give me satin sheets

Satin pillows

Cause I'm not happy

No fancy  cars or clothes

Just let me go


Satin sheets to lay on

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