The Other Twin

Carrie Tomlinson. Recognise the last name? You got it, she's the lesser twin to the one and only Louis Tomlinson. With a life that's seemingly going no where whilst her brother's status is endlessly increasing, distance between the two of them seems to be the only thing that's ever growing in her life. But what could she do? An average girl living in one of the most 'make it or break it' countries known to mankind...


Curly was stepping out of line. I decided to ignore his little rant, but he showed no signs of stopping. “So do you just follow your brother around or something? You’re awfully quiet. Are you like, ‘the other twin’, you know the one that no one even notices is there?”

Before I knew it I was screaming at a rather shocked looking boy. Well, it was his own fucking fault.



3. Radiating Arrogance


4 hours and 38 minutes later I returned home after my first outing in, well let’s face it, way too long. It was alright. Well, better than alright. It was amazing, and I don’t think I can stress how much I love my friends? Or how much I missed them. Apart from the awkward silences between myself and Shane I don’t think I stopped smiling, at all. For the day I actually managed to think about other things than that time, thought about normal teenage girl stuff. Yep, I am relatively normal after all… We talked about boys – and girls, for Louis’ sake – school, the holidays and Fliss and Bea filled me in on the major gossip I had tragically missed out on. Fliss has gone and gotten herself a boyfriend, the most popular guy at our school and Annie’s pregnant, at 17! Who would’ve guessed? You haven’t heard of Annie yet, but she is (or was) the most innocent, shy,  goody two shoes girl that sat at the front of every class – we all know the type. Who knew she even had it in her to talk to a boy, let alone to do anything else…so much for going to uni to practise medicine. Anyway, I’m rambling, back to it!

“Did you have a good day?” Just the presence of my Dad was pissing me off. The way he huffs and puffs around the house, makes unnecessary little sound effects and makes up stupid words. I mean, what’s with that? You probably think I’m being melodramatic, typical teenager right? No. You’d understand if you’d been living with the constant moaning for 18 years.

“Yes.” I mean, if he doesn’t get that I don’t want to talk to him from my lack of response then he never will. I feel like yelling ‘take a hint’ at him, but I’m not quite that much of a bitch, yet.

“Do anything nice?”


“So have you decided to go to London with Louis to pursue his silly little singing thing or are you gonna stay here with me and-”

“Firstly, it’s not a silly little singing thing. It’s the fucking X Factor ok? Louis will be a singer, not work in your shitty little garage all his life. And secondly, I’m going with him, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Well it’s safe to say that that shut him up. He had a face that resembled a slapped ass as I turned away to hunt down my twin. Some major kissing ass was due, to thank him for such an awesome day.

I was feeling optimistic for once; maybe London wasn’t such a bad idea after all. New people and new places was exactly what I needed to start fresh. And who knows, maybe Lou will get famous and he’ll move to London, I may even join him…if I like it there that is. Gotta be better than being stuck in Doncaster right? Definitely, no question about it really.



Oh. My. God. So early.  Too early. My eyes. What even is this? I rolled over to put an abrupt stop to the noise that was coming from my alarm clock. 3am. That gives me an hour and a half to get ready and get to the train station. London better live up to its bloody expectations. I do not get up at 3 in the morning for nothing.

“Morning sis” Louis slowly crept into my room and lay out on my bed, sprawled out on top of me. I was so tired I didn’t even care. I carefully switched my lamp on and sat up in a pathetic attempt to wake myself up. I looked at Lou

“Morning big bro” by big I mean 1 hour and 37 minutes bigger “you didn’t get much sleep did you?” I sighed, pulling my twin up into a hug. His eyes were bloodshot red and he was abnormally quiet “nervous?” I asked, I needn’t have though, I knew all too well that he was bricking it for his appearance at boot camp today. He nodded in agreement. I sighed. “I got yo back bruvah”

“Thanks Caz” he yawned as he got up off me, “c’mon then, let’s get some coffee”

“Good plan batman” I replied, unearthing myself from my overly warm duvet and stumbling out through the hallway which led to our kitchen


Dad, we’ve gone to London, just a reminder. I’ll call you later, see you soon, Carrie x

I scribbled down on a piece of paper and left it out next to the kettle

“Should we not wake him to say bye?” Louis asked me, biting his lip, clearly guilt getting the better of him.

“He doesn’t deserve the attention”

“Carrie you can’t say that he-”

“Think about it Lou. Think about it and then let me know how you really feel.” He knew I was right. For the first 17 years of our lives Dad had been ‘oh so proud’ and ‘behind anything we wanted to do’ but not anymore. This was all a complete and utter façade that we soon found out after mum passed. Now he wants nothing to do with us and our lives. He says it’s cause we remind him too much of mum, me especially, I know that’s complete bullshit. He’s ashamed and embarrassed, nothing more nothing less. Twat? Yes I thought so too, so glad you agree.

I apologise for the swearing, but he enrages me. And I’m British; it’s practically expected of me.

We had both decided to travel in pyjamas. It was only a 3 hour journey to Wembley train station, all of which I planned to sleep. By the time we get there it’ll be about 8:00am and nearly time to for Lou to check in, so we could get changed in the toilets or something. It’ll be fine I told myself. Goodness knows what I was gonna do while he was in there all day, probably go to IKEA. I was planning on moving out ASAP, so I might as well start getting some ideas of furniture together.


Needless to say I got no sleep. The train was practically empty but Lou was stressing that we’d miss our stop, and considering he had gotten next to no sleep during the night I volunteered to stay up. God Carrie, you’re such a good sister.

“C’mon Louis we need to get off in a sec” I pulled at his scarf that he was using as a pillow up against the back of the seat. He stirred a little, looked at me and yawned. Bless, he looked like 5 year old Louis again, carefree and now worries Louis. Once we were off the train I pointed him in the direction of the Gents’ toilets and shoved his travel bag at him so he could go get changed and do whatever it was he needed to do. Thankfully the station was quiet, I was in a right state. I dragged my feet begrudgingly to the Ladies’ room so I could do something in order to mildly help my appearance.

I was staring at my reflection in the toilet mirror, completely out of it, in a haze. I had shocked myself, I had finally realised just how much I actually looked like my mum, finally understanding why people said it. I had her effortlessly straight brown hair that resided where my ribs finished, matching skin tone and collar bone structure. When I smiled I showed off my white, perfectly straight teeth that I got off her and my lips are naturally flushed red. All bar my eyes were identical to her – Louis was blessed with her eyes.


“Harry Styles” a green eyed, curly haired boy stated, shoving his hand out for Louis to shake as we stood in the queue to sign in. His deep brown curls sat messily on top of his head, like they hadn’t been brushed in years and to be frank, he looked a little retarded.

“Hi Harry, I’m Louis Tomlinson” Louis said, shaking his hand politely in reply. I could tell Lou felt a bit uncomfortable with how confident this Harry kid seemed to be “and this is my twin sister, Carrie”

“Oh hey Carrie, you’re here for the auditions yeah?” Harry grinned and winked slightly at me, jeez was this his attempt at flirting? Absolutely pathetic. I felt like pointing out that he was here to sing, not to pull. Like I’ve said before, I have anger issues.

“Me? Sing? God no. I’m here to support Lou” I smiled up at my brother, making a point of ignoring Styles’ wink, I just wanted Lou to know just how proud I was of him

“Oh” Harry replied, seemingly a tad annoyed. Sorry to ruffle your feathers boy, “well I hope you do well mate, as long as you don’t beat me!” I rolled my eyes. Two words sprang to mind. Arrogant and twat. Yep, definitely some spoilt rich kid.

“Oh Caz I best go phone home, don’t move I’ll be back in two secs” Lou said to me, already half disappearing into the crowds.

“Such a mummy’s boy” Harry taunted after Lou. What did he just say?

“Excuse me?” I snapped, more disgusted than anything. I could feel the arrogance radiating from this kid. He must be at least a year younger than me?

“He’s a right little mummy’s boy. Can’t even go a day without ringing mum? Aww how cute. Let him know that I’m sure your mum will be there when he gets back; he doesn’t need to check in 24/7” Prick. No one can speak about my brother – or mum – like that. Curly was stepping out of line. I decided to ignore his little rant, but he showed no signs of stopping. “So do you just follow your brother around or something? You’re awfully quiet. Are you like, ‘the other twin’, you know the one that no one even notices is there?”

Before I knew it I was screaming at a rather shocked looking boy. Well, it was his own fucking fault.


“CARRIE?! What the hell?” Louis interrupted me, tugging at my shoulder so that I was no longer facing an embarrassed Harry. I took in a deep breath, trying to calm down a bit

“S’alright mate, probably just caught her at the wrong time of the month or something” Harry grinned sickingly. I shot him daggers through a glare over my shoulder

“C’mon Caz, let’s leave the immature brat to it, with luck he can’t sing and we won’t ever have to see him again” Trust Lou to take the high road and be the ‘bigger person’. If it was me, I probably would have hit him. He grabbed my hand and dragged me off in the direction of the entrance and when we were out of eyesight he span ran to face me “Carrie you can’t just yell at people”

“But Louis he-”

“Yes I know, he seems like a total prick, but still” I sighed, he was right. I needed to calm it else goodness knows what trouble I’d get myself into. I nodded as he smiled, a smile which then faded as he got pushed to the front of the queue

“Hi I’m Louis Tomlinson” he said to a rather bored looking lady who could easily be in her mid-50s. She had bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth and hair was tangled up into a ponytail. Oh how attractive.

“Here’s your number, go on in.” she had the most monotone voice I’ve ever heard come out of a woman ever “but you can’t join him miss” she said to me. At this point Lou turned to look at me in pure desperation, I smiled at him encouragingly as he slowly made his way in, just me myself and I for the day then.

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