The Other Twin

Carrie Tomlinson. Recognise the last name? You got it, she's the lesser twin to the one and only Louis Tomlinson. With a life that's seemingly going no where whilst her brother's status is endlessly increasing, distance between the two of them seems to be the only thing that's ever growing in her life. But what could she do? An average girl living in one of the most 'make it or break it' countries known to mankind...


Curly was stepping out of line. I decided to ignore his little rant, but he showed no signs of stopping. “So do you just follow your brother around or something? You’re awfully quiet. Are you like, ‘the other twin’, you know the one that no one even notices is there?”

Before I knew it I was screaming at a rather shocked looking boy. Well, it was his own fucking fault.



5. Calvin Klein's Naked Torsos


“Guys it’s 2:30 in the morning and yes I know you’re all bonding over a few too many beers and all but will you please shut the fuck up? I need to sleep. If I don’t sleep I will not be happy and I really, really don’t want you to see me in that state. It’s not pretty.” I moaned, being woken up after a mere 2 hours sleep by 5 rowdy teenage boys isn’t exactly my cup of tea

I got a chorus of yes’ and nod of heads which contented my little heart as I glared on through at Louis who was sniggering at me. Was he insinuating I look awful? Yes I was wearing his Super Mario Bros pyjama bottoms tucked into a pair of old ski socks and my Justin Timberlake 2008 tour t shirt (big it up to my main man JT) hung loosely over my shoulders, but it couldn’t be that bad. I had taken my make up off because frankly I was too tired to care and my hair was up in a ponytail, although I don’t think it could be classed as ‘up’ anymore as half of it had fallen out

“Don’t give me that look boobear, you’re not looking much better yourself”

His face dropped at the mention of ‘boobear’


That may or may not have been the one and only tiny thing he made me promise not to say in front of ‘the lads’

“Boobear?” Harry scrutinized, stifling his laughter, I must have flushed red with apologies as five seconds later Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn were rolling around on the floor and sofa laughing uncontrollably whilst Louis just stared at me.

“Sorry Lou!” I yelped over my shoulder, grinning with content as I stalked off back to my bed. My sweet and heavenly bed.


“AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH” What the fuck?! I continued with my screaming as the unconscious body next to me stopped snoring and sat up so fast he managed to fall out of the bed with a loud ‘thud’

“Ow what the fuck Carrie?!” he screamed back in response, I didn’t even look at him. Taking a peek under the covers to make sure I was still fully clothed – thank god I was, eliminating the possible chances of rape - I tried to stop myself from hyperventilating. It was all a bit of a blur of Calvin Klein boxers, tousled hair and naked torsos really.

“WHAT’S WRONG CAZ?!” Louis, ever the protective brother, leaped in through my door and onto my bed, cuddling my shaking body and stroking my matted hair

“She screamed at me and pushed me off the bed Lou” an Irish accent whined as he stood up and rubbed the back of his head

“Why were you sleeping in my bed?!” I was still pretty much screaming, I’m an innocent and naïve 18 year old girl okay? Never partied, never been drunk out of my brains and never had sex

“You said I could because there wasn’t any more free space on the sofas!” he protested “what, have you never woken up next to an undressed boy before?” He winked

Lou laughed at the sudden realisation on my face as we were joined by 3 more boys wearing nothing but their undies. Oh sweet baby Jesus. They were all pretty boys, but how do I put this nicely? I like men. Not boys. And considering I was older than all of these, none of them really ‘appealed’ to me. They all – especially the blonde one – glared at me angrily for waking them up as recent memories flooded back into my head. I did nothing but shrug

“Hey I warned you to shut up last night otherwise I’d be a groggy bastard” I held my hands up in surrender as they all collapsed onto the bed. My bed. How dare they? I sighed, settled back down and shut my eyes, I’d be happy even to just get another five minutes of precious slumber

“So” Zayn was first to break the peaceful silence. Damn you Bradford boy “what’s up with this ‘boobear’ thing?” he winked at Louis as he got his sass on and folded his arms grumpily across his chest

“Me and my mum used to call him it all the time” I sighed, joining in with the laughter, remembering the very first time we called Louis it back when we were ten. It was at the height of the summer and we were sat in the middle of our local park having a picnic, he didn’t talk to me for hours because he hated it so much until I managed to coax him out of his silence with a chocolate covered strawberry, such a stubborn child

“Used to?” Liam piped up

“Our mum passed away just under a year ago” Louis stated, emotionless and voice hard as stone “brain cancer” I flinched slightly at the word ‘cancer’, Lou reacted by cuddling me tighter as I nuzzled further into his chest. I glanced up to the shocked 4 faces that were now watching a single tear fall down my pale cheek, Harry looked like he was about to say something but took the better judgement and kept his mouth shut, good choice Curly

“I’m sorry” Liam said, he sounded annoyed at himself for even asking now. I just shrugged. What else could I even say?

Sighing, I rose to my feet on the bed, a little unbalanced at first but composed nonetheless. “Breakfast anyone?” I prompted, jumping over Zayn and onto the floor, heading over to the room service menu

“I’m in!” Niall joined me faster than any of the others, who’s the hungry little pig here then? “Carrie?” he looked at me, and at my eyes that were slightly teary

I nodded, a lump stuck in my throat, insisting he carried on speaking. His accent was nothing but soothing but instead of words he just embraced me in a hug, rubbing my back until I stopped sobbing into his shoulder like a complete wuss. Praise the lord for this Irish angel going by the name of Niall Horan.

“Thanks” I finally whispered, he gave me a sad smile as I tried my best to return the smile without looking like a deformed goose “so what’re you having for breakfast?”

“Bit of everything probably” I laughed as he glared confusingly, wow he was actually being serious about that

“You know what Irish? You’re mad” I giggled


“Is everyone done eating here?” Liam asked, starting to collect the empty plates from the table – mostly of Niall’s disposal. I’m actually shocked at how much food that kid can throw back effortlessly. I looked down at my own plate, I had barely touched the fruit that was laid out before me, it looked good and all but my appetite is just shocking and I was far from being hungry, as usual.

I nodded to Liam encouraging him to take my plate as well but he didn’t get far before -

“Carrie” Louis glared warningly, he wasn’t going to let me get away without eating that easily

“Louis” I whined, usually if I pissed around for long enough he’d give in

“Eat” he pointed at the full plate in front of me

“Mate if she’s not hungry and doesn’t wanna eat then don’t force her” Liam smiled at me, what a cutie “and besides, I’m sure Niall will gladly finish it off” he chuckled to himself as Niall’s face lit up at the prospect of more food

“Thanks for understanding Liam! I’m just gonna go have a shower and then get ready and we can-”

“Carrie sit down and shut up.” I had managed to get half way across the room before Louis’ voice reached me. I stopped in my tracks, turned back around and slumped back into my chair “nice try” he said smugly

“Thanks anyway Liam” I sulked placing a single piece of pineapple into my mouth

And then I spat it back out



Even worse, food that doesn’t contain more than 1g of fat

“If you don’t eat at least half of that then I’m putting you on a train that goes all the way back to Doncaster Carrie. I’m not joking. Don’t make me phone Dad”

“You wouldn’t” my eyes narrowed in on Louis’ as he pulled out his BlackBerry and began dialling his number. He wouldn’t. Would he?

I pushed the plate just out of my reach

He pressed the call button

I folded my arms grumpily

He put the phone up to his ear

I tilted my head away in protest

“Hi Dad it’s Lou, yeah I’m just phoning to-”

I shoved what felt like a billion pieces of grapes and pineapple into my mouth

“I..err…yeah just wanted to check in to tell you everything’s fine here, yeah bye!”

“Louis Tomlinson I hate you” I muttered

“You told everyone about boobear” he sulked, staring back at me whilst placing his phone down on the table, I hadn’t realised before but his lock screen was us when we were younger. Snapping the phone up to study it better I caressed it in my shivering hands, I was looking extremely gap-toothed with a Santa hat on that swamped the majority of my face whilst he had the usual reindeer antlers and red nose on. We must have been about 11 at the time, I had the biggest grin on my face, crinkled up eyes and teeth bearing whilst Lou had his tongue stuck out about to lick my cheek. I chuckled slightly as I became lost in the picture, mesmerised by the two happy faces looking up at me

“That’s a cute picture”

“Holy crap Harry!” I jumped, throwing Lou’s phone back on the table in surprise

“Sorry” he laughed, shrugging his shoulders and walking away

After having recaught my breath with no thanks to Mr Styles and tossing Niall some left over pieces of my breakfast I skipped off to the shower, having not been used to this much food intake in a short time, the sugar was making me positively giddy.

The warm water came rushing down over my face, hair and body as I took in deep breaths, the image of me and Lou back at Christmas still fresh in my mind. I remembered the day clearly, so very clearly. From the pink sparkly bike I got in the morning, to Louis tipping snow all down my back and the smell of the food in the house that clung on for days after. I shivered at the thought, but hell, life can never be that simple right?

Course not, that would just be boring

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