The Other Twin

Carrie Tomlinson. Recognise the last name? You got it, she's the lesser twin to the one and only Louis Tomlinson. With a life that's seemingly going no where whilst her brother's status is endlessly increasing, distance between the two of them seems to be the only thing that's ever growing in her life. But what could she do? An average girl living in one of the most 'make it or break it' countries known to mankind...


Curly was stepping out of line. I decided to ignore his little rant, but he showed no signs of stopping. “So do you just follow your brother around or something? You’re awfully quiet. Are you like, ‘the other twin’, you know the one that no one even notices is there?”

Before I knew it I was screaming at a rather shocked looking boy. Well, it was his own fucking fault.



2. Award For The Most Annoying Brother Goes Too...


“Look, Carrie, it’s 2 pm and I know for a fact you’re awake. This is getting ridiculous. Every day of study leave so far you’ve done bugger all and it’s nearly the summer holidays. That’s 8 weeks of nothing? Are you listening to me?” Damn you Louis Tomlinson for waking me up, and for convincing Dad to remove the lock from my bedroom door because I’m ‘depressed’. He’s woken me up in a similar way for the past few weeks now and I was getting fed up

“What about it Louis?” I mumbled, surprised to find that he had even heard me considering I was still face planting my pillow – FYI the most comfortable way to sleep. “So what if I don’t get up? What’s the point in it? All I’m gonna do is watch TV and eat. I’d rather be in bed, but thanks a bunch”

“That’s it Carrie. I’ve had enough of this moody, selfish shit. We’re all hurting, course we are. But sooner or later you’re going to have to move on. Will you at least look at me?!” he was raising his voice now, Lou never yelled at me, and the last thing I wanted to do was upset him. I rolled over, sat up and rested my back against the wall despite how I was feeling. “Thanks” he said, looking relatively calmer and less frustrated. “Now listen, I’m going up to London again tomorrow for boot camp so you’ve got a decision to make” I rolled my eyes.

“Louis for the billionth time I’m not going with you. I’m not feeling up to it and I cannot stand being in a small hotel room with Dad for however many days it’ll be and-“

*Let me just fill you in a bit here.  I’ve never gotten on well with my Dad, ever. I don’t know why, so don’t ask, but every little thing about him and his manner bugs me to the extent I can’t even stand to be in the same room as him. Like I said I don’t know why, maybe it was some sub-conscious thing, but before mum passed away I managed to get around it, to avoid being alone with him. Since then I’ve been spending more and more time in the house whilst Lou has been frequently been spending more time out with friends – fair enough to him I say, we all deal with things differently. Unfortunately though, this meant more time for me to get cheesed off by my Dad and therefore more time to argue*

“Will you fucking listen for once? Dad’s not coming with me. He’s paying for my hotel room, that’s all. You either stay here with Dad or you come with me, it’s your choice, but I want you with me…I need you with me Carrie. You’re the only person in this godforsaken town that’s always been 100% behind my singing career...please?” Lou now had his hand rested on mine and was looking at me, fluttering his eyelashes so much that his eyes had begun to water. The only way he knew how to make me laugh was for him to make a complete idiot out of himself, this was something he did all too well. “Don’t make me tickle you Caz” he said eventually, creeping closer

“LOUIS TOMLINSON DON’T YOU DARE” I leaped out of the way of him, forgetting that I have a pathetic little single bed and consequently fell out the other side and landed with a massive bang on the floor. Before I could even begin to move Lou took this opportunity to sit on my torso so I couldn’t even wriggle away.

“Fine” I said a tad reluctantly, but more excited than I probably let out “I’ll go with you, now get the hell off of me, I swear you weigh as much as an elephant! Cut down on the biscuits and tea!”

“What I thought” he said, winking at me flashing his grin that ever since a child I had been jealous of. When I smiled I resembled that of a demented fish. I told him this once, he told me not to be so stupid, but naturally I didn’t believe him. “Oh yeah and there were 2 conditions that were laid down for me to get you to come” Louis added, stealthily jumping up and pulling me off of the floor in one swift movement

“Oh right…continue?” I said nervously asking as he shifted over towards my wardrobe. The hell was he doing?

“The first was that no strange boys or parties whilst we’re there”

“That’s perfectly fine by me” I laughed, a party? Me? Highly unlikely.

“And the second was that you have to prove you’re well enough to go. Basically, we’re going out in an hour. Get ready yeah? Chop chop!” and with that he threw my favourite pair of stripey blue and white jeans, knitted cream jumper and vest at me. Cheers Lou, well at least he had a good taste in fashion, I had to hand him that…

Going out? Don’t think I had gone further out than taking the rubbish down to the bin which was at the bottom of our garden in a long time – well 8 weeks since the end of school actually and even when I was at school I only used to get up, get ready, go to school, come back from school, get dressed and get back into bed.  It was boring, but what else was there to do? I got through school. That was the main thing.

“You scheming little twerp!”

“Love you too sis!” a faint, cheery voice came in reply

“Yeah whatever” I muttered back. Again I found myself being undermined and blackmailed by my twin. However this time, he actually had the upper hand, there was no way in hell I was staying in Doncaster. Going out it is then…


“OI, CARRIE, PEOPLE ARE HERE” Louis bellowed up the stairs at me, for the past couple minutes I had locked myself in the spare room as it didn’t take me long to get ready, and was going through some of the old things of me, mum and Lou; drawings, photos, videos, letters and other bits and pieces. We – Louis and I that is - do this quite a lot. If you hadn’t gathered, I still miss her, it’s been barely a year, and there is never a day we don’t think of her and…no. I can’t think about that now. Today I’m taking the ‘next step’ as my therapist calls it, but in other words I’m finally going to be sociable again…whether I wanted to or not I’m still here doing it.

“OHMYGOD IT’S YOU” Felicity and Bella ran at me as I finally made an appearance in the long hallway that connected my room and the entrance to our house, knocking me to the ground as they jumped and hugged me

“Nice to see you too guys, it’s been…too long” I admitted to myself, it wasn’t till I had seen them that I realised how much I actually missed them.

“Hey Carrie” a rather shy and nervous looking Shane offered his hand out to me to pull me up. I just sat there. Yep, couldn’t even muster up a single little one syllable ‘hi’ in reply.

“I..I thought you’d gone” I said, actually quite annoyed at his presence…let’s just say we had some unresolved issues between the two of us

“Things change sweetie” he smiled, encouragingly. Ah hell no, I haven’t got time for this sweet talk

“Yes well people change.” The most blunt reply I could possibly manage, all whilst sending him daggers. Boy if looks could kill, let’s just says he’d be as dead as a pebble at the bottom of the ocean. Cold hearted and utterly useless.

^^ Consider this a formal apology for what you have just read. It's not the best chapter I've ever written BUT I swear it gets better, promise!! So stick with me yeah;) much love, faye xox

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