The Other Twin

Carrie Tomlinson. Recognise the last name? You got it, she's the lesser twin to the one and only Louis Tomlinson. With a life that's seemingly going no where whilst her brother's status is endlessly increasing, distance between the two of them seems to be the only thing that's ever growing in her life. But what could she do? An average girl living in one of the most 'make it or break it' countries known to mankind...


Curly was stepping out of line. I decided to ignore his little rant, but he showed no signs of stopping. “So do you just follow your brother around or something? You’re awfully quiet. Are you like, ‘the other twin’, you know the one that no one even notices is there?”

Before I knew it I was screaming at a rather shocked looking boy. Well, it was his own fucking fault.



4. A Magical Pot Of Sexiness


I had been sat here impatiently waiting for the best part of 3 hours now, having watched just about as much as I could handle of Jeremy Kyle and was now wondering where the hell Louis had gotten to. I text him earlier telling him I was bored and cold so I’d meet him in our hotel room, which was only about a ten minute walk away from Wembley arena. How long did it even take to sing a song and let someone know whether they were in or not? Jesus Christ.

Just as I was drifting off I felt my phone vibrate uncontrollably, I pulled it out of my pocket and opened the text that I had received from an unregistered number. Weird. No one normally texts me – yes, I’m a bit of a loner.

-          Hi Carrie I’m Liam, Louis asked me to text you to tell him his phone ran out of battery and he’s on his way :) x

Typical Louis. He rrely charges his phone.

-          Urm ok thanks for letting me know Liam :) x

God why am I so socially awkward. If I’m not yelling at someone then I barely ever know what to flippin’ say.

-          Your welcome babe, see you soon x

Okay. Firstly, *you’re. It’s YOU’RE welcome, not your. Babe? I think not. And ‘see you soon’? Excusez moi? What was he on about? I was just about to reply when Louis stepped through the door, over dramatically flopping down on the sofa as usual.

I stood there staring at his stupid expressionless face trying to read his emotions for a while before giving into the silence

“Are you going to tell me what the hell happened or do I have to stand here guessing?” he rolled his eyes at me – rude – and sighed.

“Well, do you want the good or bad news first?” Oh crap. Bad news could never be…good, could it?

“Bad news, definitely. Hit me with it”

“I didn’t get in” Ah. I didn’t even know how to respond, well, how do you? I’d been so sure he would

“Louis I’m so sorry I don’t even know what to say I-”

“Before you embarrass yourself ask me about the good news”

Right…good news? How could there even be any good news? “Explain?”

“I’m going to judges’ houses”

“WHAT?! YOU FLIPPIN’ WHAT?!” I now found myself jumping around the room holding hands with my far-from-mature twin brother, squealing to my heart’s content. I paused and carried on speaking “but I thought you said you didn’t get through?” someone consult for me please

“Well, that’s the only thing. I didn’t get in personally but” he paused to take in a breath, oh hurry up child I haven’t got all day you know and the suspense is killing me “they gave me – or us – a second chance. Simon Cowell put me into a band, a boy band with four other lads that didn’t quite make it”

“Louis that’s great! I couldn’t be happier for you” I actually couldn’t, my eyes were welling up and my hands were shaking “so, who are they? And when do I get to meet them?” with any luck one of them may be remotely attractive.

“There’s Niall Horan, he’s Irish”

I nodded, Irish? Could be interesting

“Zayn Malik, lives in Bradford”

Zayn, if his face his half as sexy as his name I’ll be relatively happy

“Liam Payne, from Wolverhampton”

Liam..? That would probably explain the ‘see you soon’ text. At least I’d have time to sort out his grammar problems.

Hi I’m Carrie and I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi.

“Who’s the other one Lou?”

“Oh urm, Harry Styles…”



That’s just fucking great. The spoilt brat will be spending time with my brother which means I’ll have to tolerate him. Yay for me. Louis could sense my agitation, hell, everyone in a hundred miles’ radius could probably sense it

“Give him a second chance C, he’s actually quite nice”

Nice? NICE?! Right, yeah, sure. Whatever you say boobear.

“Well congrats Lou, I’m so proud of you,” I started embracing him in a hug. Bless his heart, “so when do I get to meet them?” he laughed. He knew I was going to ask, it was only normal for me too.

“Well actually, they’re gonna be here any second”


“Don’t worry, you’ve got enough time to go and reconstruct your face”

“Oh how lovely of you to consider my poor face at a time like this” I scowled at him as I leaped out of the room and towards the bathroom, ‘any second’ was not going to be enough time that’s for sure.


“Oh hey guys, come on in” I heard Lou’s faint voice coming from the other side of my door.

Shit, they were here and I still wasn’t ready. They were 20 minutes late and I still was not ready, this may have to do though. My eyes were as brown as ever and were outlined with some eyeliner I had managed to find, my chocolate coloured hair tumbled down over my shoulders and the one strip of blue that I had put into my hair a couple weeks back seemed more prominent than ever. I had my stripey blue and white jeans on - they made my legs look a lot longer than they actually were – and I had pulled on my favourite cream cardigan over the top of my Hollister vest. Taking a deep breath in, I walked over and opened my door as confidently as possible.

“Took your time Carrie” Louis mocked as I walked over to the table, picking up the last of the 6 cans of coke that was sat on the kitchen table

“Oh shut up Louis, we both know that it takes you way longer to get ready in the mornings” well that shut him up, and earned me a few chuckles from the boys. Score. “Hi guys, I’m Carrie” I smiled pleasantly at them all, bar Harry “and I’m so sorry you’re going to have to spend time with my twin brother” more laughing. Think that makes it Carrie 1, Louis 0 doesn’t it?

“I’m Liam” I looked up to face him, his brown eyes were similar to mine but more…shiny. He had straight brown hair that sat on top of his head and his wolves’ accent instantly hit me like a shovel to my face. It was pretty sexy to say the least and he stood easily 5 or so inches taller than me. He had his outwardly stretched waiting for me to shake it, but instead I went in for the hug, cause why the hell not.

“Alright? It’s Niall” I was greeted with another hug, Niall seemed a lot more happier and cheery than the others. Just like Liam, his Irish accent was so prominent it was hard to miss. He had long blonde hair with brown roots and his blue eyes glinted in the dim lighting of the room, he wasn’t much taller than myself.

I was next greeted by a boy who must be Zayn, and may I just say, he is definitely as attractive as his name. His dark skin colour accented his hazel eye colour perfectly and his hair was the most beautiful shade ever. He seemed like he could be quite a vain person from the intensity of which he was looking at me, but I would be too if I looked like Jesus sliding down a rainbow to get to a magical pot of sexiness. I perched my bum on the sofa in between him and Harry who was staying quiet – wise move Curly – and smiled at Zayn politely.

“Vas happenin’?” he said. My heart melted slightly as I tried to find the words to speak. Instead I laughed slightly, grazing his arm with my hand

“You must be Zayn” I said as I pulled him into a hug, just as I did the others, and he smiled right back at me. Okay Carrie, remember how to breathe and fully function. I felt like his eyes could see into my soul and boy did I like it.

Rudely breaking my haze, Harry coughed slightly from the other side of me. I turned to face him with ‘bitch please’ written across my face

“Look I’m sorry about earlier, I was being a total douche and-”

“Yes you were and don’t worry, we’re cool” I cut in, his face changed from ‘painful look of regret’ to ‘I’m genuinely a decent looking boy with a way too attractive smile that I probably don’t deserve but hell I get plenty of female attention from it so who am I to complain’. There’s always a cocky ass flirt in boy bands, no guess as to who it’s going to be here?

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