Safe With You

Two girls go to One Direction concert. What happens when two of the boys fall for them?


4. chapter 4

Jaden POV

"I knew it was going to be an amazing night!" I screamed at Madi

Naill Horan had given me his number



"hmmm... lets see he told you to call him and he kissed your cheek?...DUH!"


We jumped up and down holding hands and screaming

Niall POV

"Wow" we all kind of stood in shock

"I think I am in love" I said

"hahahahaha" all the boysd but Louis laughed at me

"I know how you feel Niall" Lou said

"Madison was beautiful that dirty blonde hair and brown eyes I think my heart skipped a beat"

Jaden was perfect

She had slightly wavy dark brown hair and blue eyes... gosh her eyes were blue I wanted to just jump into them

"We need to see them again mates. Soon."

Louis POV

Okay I know I am dating Eleanor but Madi was so gorgeous tonight... she made my heart flutter. I hope I get her off my mind..."buzz" it was Eleanor

"Hey Lou we need to talk.. meet me at starbucks"

I sighed

"Be there in five" I replied

Jaden POV

"LET'S GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY UNTIL WE SEE THE SUN I KNOW ONLY MET BUT LET'S PRETEND IT'S LOVE" Niall sang as he was staring at me. He kept making a point to touch my hand whenever he could. I know we have something now.

"Is everyone having fun tonight!" Harry yelled

The crowed went insane.

"Well tonight we are going to do something a little different... have you heard our new single Little Things?"

The crowed cheered again.

"haha good because we will pick two special girls to sing too.. thank Mr. Justin Bieber for this idea"

Just then two security guards pulled Madi and I backstage.

"You two were a special request" He said grouffly

The music came on and Zayns angellic voice started.

I zoned out... this is insane.

Niall and Louis ran back and grabbed us.

"You girls ready?" Madi giggled

"uhhh DUH how could we not be ready?

Madison POV

Louis held my hand as we walked on stage. I felt sparks.

Jaden and I sat on their couch. The song is soft and pretty.

"And all those conversations are the secrets though it makes no sense to me." He sang that right to me... he suddenly grabbed my hand and scribbled his number on it.

"It's you It's you they add up too I'm in love with you and all of your little things." He winked at me.

HOLY CRAP we defintly have a thing going.. I'm sure

Louis POV

"Tonight we are going to do something we are going to do something a little different."

"What is he doing? We never talked about this."

We are going to pick two special girls to be our "Little Girls"

ohh gosh.. He is going to get Madi and Jaden on stage. Just what I needed... to be lovestruck in front of thousands of fans. We ran backstage.

'You girls ready"


"My gosh Madi is so adorable" I grabbed her hand and we ran on stage. I don't want to win this for us. I have to make this song special for her. I sang to her and only only her; like the room was only us. Her eyes, deep brown. They sparkled as I sang to her. This is your chance Lous. You don't want to lose her. I grabbed her hand and quickly wrote my number own. Success! Now I have to deal with Elanor.

Niall POV

I woke up to my phone buzzing.. unknown number

"Huh? I wonder who it is"

"Hey Niall. It's Jaden. Is it okay ok that i texted you instead of calling? Didn't want to wake you up. :)"

haha she is cute. "Hey cutie good morning! Do you wanna meet up for lunch at Nandos?"

I hope I am not going to fast...

"Of course! See ya at 12:30?"

"YES!!!! sounds awesome! See ya then!"

First date check.



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