Safe With You

Two girls go to One Direction concert. What happens when two of the boys fall for them?


1. Chapter 1

*Jaden's POV*

I was standing in the rain at my bus stop alone waitin gin the rain. I really chose the wrong day to wear a dress...

"Hey Jay! Whats up?" my friends Caitlyn and Jessie said. They were twins with beautiful brown curls.

"Amazing!" I said. "Tonight is the concert! I couldn't sleep I am so excited!"

"Oh my gosh I'm so jealous!" said Caitlyn. She was a huge Directioner too.

"I just have a really good feeling about tonight." My best friend Madison invited me to this concert. We are taking a limo there and meeting the boys before they preform. And we get front row tickets. "I just can't wait." Just then Madi pulled up in her Mustang.

"Get in already!" Here we go! The start of something special.


*Niall's POV*

"Ok boys lets reherse." Tonight we are at the Tacoma Dome. I have heard that they Seattle girls are really insane. I have a good feeling about this show. The fan meet and greet is in an hour.

"Niall stop daydreaming!" Louis yelled.

"Let's start!" The music for More Than This came on. I wrote this song. I really missed my girl back home in Ireland.

'If i'm louder

Would you see me?"

I always tear up at this part.

"Alright boys lets go meet the girls!"

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