Maybe I don't hate you..


1. Chapter One

"YOU CAN'T BABY ME ANYMORE! I'M 17!" I screamed slamming my bedroom door shut. I sat on the bed aggravated about what just happened. If you're confused on what's going on, my mom's making me go to London and model. I'm not mad about that, I'm not mad wait scratch that. I'm not pissed about that, I'm pissed because I have to model with One Direction. I know Niall Horan, his mom is my moms bestfriend. I've hated him since I was little. Oh, and the worst part is My mom has to leave and I have to go on tour with them. The whole tour. ALONE. A knock on the door interupted my thoughts. "Don't come in!" I yelled. She walked in anyway. "What do you not understand about the word don't?" I asked, annoyed. "Listen, I know you're mad but since me and dad can't go, they have 2 extra spots on the tour bus. You can invite Destiny and Olivia to come with you." She said, attempting to cheer me up. "Okay I'll ask when do I leave?" I asked. "Tomorrow.. at five in the morning." She looked at the ground. "WHAT?!" I yelled almost chocking on mid-air.

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