My little Pony: Dark Nebula's return

When the cutie mark crusaders open a treasure chest they find buried in the everfree forest, instead of gold, they find the dark matter's death star! While the mane six are busy defeating another enemy, its up to the C.M.C to find a way to call upon the legendary star warrior. Will they succeed, or will Dark Nebula destroy the planet?


2. The Rise of Dark Nebula

The Cutie mark crusaders explored the everfree forest for around 2 to 3 hours before sweetie belle discovered something. "I've hit something with my shovel!" the younger sister of Rarity exclaimed excitedly. Applebloom and Scootaloo ran over and helped Sweetie Belle dig whatever it was she found out of the ground, after doing so, they found it was a treasure chest. "It's like the ones we saw at the pirate exhibition!" Applebloom exclaimed. When she tried to open it however, she found the lid whilst unlocked, was extremely heavy. After alot of effort from the 3 cutie mark crusaders, they managed to open the chest, they peeked inside only to find what looked like black goo. "hey...this isn't golden treasure!" Sweetie Belle shouted, only just realising this fact, whilst the 3 looked in disbeleif at the chest, a red eye opens in the centre of the good, then floats in the air. The cutie mark crusaders backed up a bit as the goo formed into a star shaped being, which then looked at the 3 ponies. "W..w...where am I?" asked the black star as it seemed to glare at the 3 ponies. Applebloom tried looking as brave as possible as they looked at the black mass and answerd "this is ponyvile...w..what are you?" "I am dark matter, I am the bringer of death, I am Dark Nebula!" Shouted the black star. "I seem to be pretty far from that planet...hmm....I'll just decimate this planet in the name of dark matter!" Dark Nebula said as it's started glowing, it fired a fiery orange beam at the 3 ponies, who barely avoided it in time, the beam would continue traveling until it hit a truck belonging to a pop band of 5 male earth ponies, destroying it and turning the 5 into ashes, on the truck the name of the band: one direction was glowing like a neon sign. The Cutie Mark Crusaders fled for their lives, running as fast as possible as Dark Nebula laughed behind them. "What have we done?" Applebloom miserably said to Scootaloo, who didn't answer. They knew they had to warn ponyvile, and find a way to reach princess celestia to help them deal with this monster.

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