My little Pony: Dark Nebula's return

When the cutie mark crusaders open a treasure chest they find buried in the everfree forest, instead of gold, they find the dark matter's death star! While the mane six are busy defeating another enemy, its up to the C.M.C to find a way to call upon the legendary star warrior. Will they succeed, or will Dark Nebula destroy the planet?


3. The Quest begins

The Cutie Mark Crusaders went to the home of Twilight Sparkle, hoping to to get her to help them. Twilight pondered for a moment, then took out a slip of paper from her sack. Reading a note from Celestia about the same monster that Apple Bloom had described to her. "Ah, Dark Nebula. Princess Celestia told me about it a little bit. It's apparently a creature not even from our universe, she doesn't know where it's from, or even what it really is. There was a book in that treasure chest it was buried in apparently, so we'll have to retrieve it in order to learn how to defeat it" she explained to the C.M.C. Twilight's only concern was that the rest of the mane six, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rairty and Apple Bloom's big sister Applejack were away on royal business. Twilight called down Spike, her assistant who was also a baby dragon and started to walk down to the everfree forest. The Cutie Mark crusaders followed, and they soon found the treasure chest in the forest. Dark Nebula seemed to be nowhere in sight. Twilight picked up the book with her magic, and took the Cutie Mark Crusaders back to her home.


But although they thought Dark Nebula was nowhere to be seen, the truth of the matter was Dark Nebula managed to use interdimensional travel to seek after an army. He quickly saw potential after landing in the wreckage of a giant red airship and seen a floating robot making his way around the place. "Identify yourself" the robot demanded of the dark star. "I am dark nebula, I'm looking for anyone to help me reach my goals, do you have a master?" The robot remained silent for a few moments, then answered as sadly as a robot could sound. "not anymore, he is nowhere to be found." Dark Nebula pondered for the moment, then asked the robot curiously, "what is your name?".  "E101.Beta Mark 2" the robot answered. Dark Nebula then looked at Beta, seemingly satisfied with how this was going. "would you like to have a new master E101?" he asked. Beta seemed to be thinking in silence, then moments later, tried to nod. "Excellent, do you know any other robots to do my bidding?" Dark Nebula asked Beta, E101 replied almost immediately, "E103 Delta, online, located in windy valley, E104 Epsilon, also online, located in Red mountain". Dark Nebula managed a grin, then told the robot, "lead the way", the two then headed to windy valley....

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