My little Pony: Dark Nebula's return

When the cutie mark crusaders open a treasure chest they find buried in the everfree forest, instead of gold, they find the dark matter's death star! While the mane six are busy defeating another enemy, its up to the C.M.C to find a way to call upon the legendary star warrior. Will they succeed, or will Dark Nebula destroy the planet?


1. The Begining

It all started when Cheerilee's class went out on a trip to the Ponyvile muesuem. The pupils maintained a mild interest until they got round to the pirate section. Seeing the replicas of pirate ships, pirate captains, weapons and most exciting of all to the little fillies, a mixture of replica treasure and some ancient treasure found buried slighty beneath the beach. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo messed around the exhibition, occasionally being told of by their teacher.


After returning home from the exhibition, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to search the everfree forest for tresure.

"Its a stupid idea Apple Bloom, what makes you think there'll be anything to find in everfree forest of all places?" Scootaloo asked, whilst looking at Apple Bloom with disbelief, not believing that Apple Bloom seriously thought this would be a good idea. "That forest is huge, there has to be something buried there, pirates had to have buried something in there somewhere Scootaloo!" Apple Bloom excalimed, jumping up and down excitably. After a bit of convincing, Apple Bloom led the Cutie Mark Crusaders towards the Everfree forest, unaware of the Despair that she'd bring to Ponyvile as a result....

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