twilight, breaking dawn, part 1- alternate ending

The ring felt heavy on my finger, its luminous stone weighing down my finger like a million lies. i loved Edward. He was my boyfriend, my sweetheart. Without him I just wouldn't be me. Just as I settled Edwards idea of a car, into a somewhat less dangerous speed, I passed a million flyers plastered with Jacobs face. It felt like a punch in the gut. So overcome with pain, I nearly hit the rusting truck in front of me. My hands fumbled for the brakes just in time. And as the light turned green and the car in front of me slugged off. I sat in a puddle of histaria and tears whilst cars swerved round me, his face imprinted on my mind. Jacob. Where are you? Jacob was my best friend. My sunshine. My happiness. My laughter... and the one with whom I had imprinted. My one true love. With out him, I wouldn't be anything.


4. chapter 4

We entered the room formally, the cullen's not touching anything and the wolves assessing there every move. "I shouldn't have taken you" Edward sighed under his breath, so quietly he probably thought I hadn't heard. Justr like he thought I hadn't seen him shake his head and tell Sam I din't know what was going on. Once every ones stopped moving every thing is silent. "Just tell me whats going on" I am taken aback by the firmness of my own voice, and a little proud it didn't wobble at the end... Okay- A lot proud. Bt still, no one says anything.

As if by magic, Leah pops her head round the door casually. "Bella, someone really wants to meet you," She seems strangely happy, and partly because I'm curious and partly because if i stay in this room another instant I may explode, I follow her out of the house. Maybe she'll tell me whats going on. It seems futile but I ask her any way, "What's going on, why is the treaty broken- do not tell me its because I'm engaged because no one  is discussing my after party in there- no one." She strolls over to the under growth spilling out from the trees that line the reservation. Sitting on a rock she stares me down for roughly five minutes.

"Okay," I knew she wouldn't, why would she? she doesn't even like me- wait. What?

"What did you say?" Maybe I was going mad.

"I'll tell you. But first I want you to meet my cousin, Jamelia," A stunning girl slightly taller than me with slanting cheek bones steps through the trees and I momentarily forget my anger... So he wasn't lying, there was another female wolf. Jamelia was basically the opposite of Leah. Her hair fell in an unbroken line down her back, too long for a were wolf. Her eyes were massive and golden, no hint of feral anger. Just kindness.

"I'm Jamelia," I reach for her extended hand cautiously. She seemed older. About twenty at least... but then again, all werewolves looked roughly twenty-something. "Your gorgeous, no wonder all the boys are after you," Leah sniggered, and I am startled by her bluntness. She seemed too genuine to be rude. Jamelia's lips broke into a perfect O, "I didn't mean too offend you," she gushed, "I just say what I'm thinking, I didn't-" I shook my head kindly, with no understanding to offer. I can't remember the last time I just spoke my mind.

"It's fine" She seemed relived. "But can someone tell me what's going on?" As much as I felt fondness towards this clueless girl I need to know the truth. My confusion was driving me crazy and I felt like I was on the verge of a mental break down. "Your little fortune teller had a vision," Leah said lazily... "Apparently your more maternal than we thought," The words didn't make sense. "Wha-" I fell onto my knees stuttering whilst Jamelia tried to help me up. "I'm pregnant?" I looked at her confused. I was a virgin. "Not know your not, but very soon you will be." Finally it was all too much and I did the worst thing I could possibly do. I broke down into tears.


After weeping my heart out as Jamelia- a girl whom I hardly knew rocked me back-and-forth. I hid my face in my hands. "How?" I whispered. 

"We don't know, your little fortune teller," 

"Alice" I corrected.

"Fine- Alice," She exclaimed irritated, " Only saw you, and well- either you need too go on a diet, or-"

"Just get too the point," I moaned, my face in my hand, my knees on the floor and Jamelia sitting next to me comfortingly.

"You weren't a vampire and the child defiantly isn't Edward's- he's dead if you haven't noticed," She concluded brutally.

"Then who's was it?" I cried out, already knowing. And for the umpteenth time today, I was surprised...

"We don't know." They don't know? I let the realization hit me. Think must think? Did they not consider? It's so obvious to me. My visions of two tanned children. Jacob.

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