twilight, breaking dawn, part 1- alternate ending

The ring felt heavy on my finger, its luminous stone weighing down my finger like a million lies. i loved Edward. He was my boyfriend, my sweetheart. Without him I just wouldn't be me. Just as I settled Edwards idea of a car, into a somewhat less dangerous speed, I passed a million flyers plastered with Jacobs face. It felt like a punch in the gut. So overcome with pain, I nearly hit the rusting truck in front of me. My hands fumbled for the brakes just in time. And as the light turned green and the car in front of me slugged off. I sat in a puddle of histaria and tears whilst cars swerved round me, his face imprinted on my mind. Jacob. Where are you? Jacob was my best friend. My sunshine. My happiness. My laughter... and the one with whom I had imprinted. My one true love. With out him, I wouldn't be anything.


3. chapter 3

I woke up from a restless blur of nightmares into what was going to turn into an even worse day. I'd have to see Edward again. Lie too him. Then I'd have to face the place that was so clouded by memories of me and Jacob, that every inch of it triggered a painful image of him. Great. But I had too keep it together. Because that's what Jacob would want. I sigh helplessly, as much as Jacob is arrogant  cocky and obnoxious... he is more selfless than Edward. He knows me, and he knows that right now, if I lose it... I'm not sure I'd be able to pick up the pieces.

I got dressed and brushed my teeth mechanically. Going through the motions, and trying as hard as a could to ignore my frustrating inner- dialogue. "Bella?" His voice startled me as much and the rage that boiled through my blood. Why did Edward always do that? I'm not ready! Why does he always have to intrude?! "Yes" I tried to keep the edge out of my voice and made myself busy, reorganizing my books and avoiding eye contact.

"Are you ready?" He stood closer to me and grazed his hand down my arm. The concern in his eyes just aggravated me. How could I hold it together, when everything he did made me want to cry? All I could think of is every vow I ever made to him, brutally severed and cast aside. If I told him of my betrayal he wouldn't even let me take the blame...

"As ready as I'll ever be," I pulled on my ancient rain coat awkwardly... "Are you?" He couldn't be comfortable going to the reservation... but I hated having to acknowledge the tension between the Cullen's and the wolfs. Why couldn't they just get along? Edward laughed a little, "As ready as I'll ever be," In a strange sort of way it was comforting and worrying for him to be as nervous as me- at least I wasn't the only one, but I needed him to be my anchor even after all we'd been through. Now I wondered if, for once, I would have to be the mouthpiece... no. he doesn't even want me involved I remembered guiltily.

Turning up at the reservation reminded me of my first day at high school. The pressure of every ones gaze weighing me down, the feeling of unease in the pit of my stomach and the screaming urge to run away. Huh, I thought as I surveyed the gap between the werewolf's and the Cullen's. I thought clicks only existed in high school. Well, obviously not, and yet again, I was stuck in the middle not really fitting in any where. 

I stood next too Edward with my hands in my pockets, trying to not look like the traitor they knew I was. Next to me was Alice, whom kept looking at me strangely. "What?" I hissed, genuinely worried. 

"there's something about you-" she shook her head in frustration  Please don't let her know. Please don't let her know. I looked up at Edward inconspicuously, his brow was furrowed as per usual but he seemed placid enough. . To the right of Edward stood Carlisle, Esme, Emmet and Rosalie. Jasper , whom is slightly more volatile, didn't come but with from the testosterone coming from Emmet we probably could have used him to calm down the situation.

Sam Uley stepped forward thankfully, and with him came beautiful girlfriend Emily, her scars made into something wonderful by the look of love in his eyes. My chest pulled. That's what me and Jacob should have.On the right side of Sam and Emily stood, Quil- Jacobs best friend, the only werewolf actually pleased with his change, imprinted on three year old Claire. Embry- Jacobs other best friend whom waved at me awkwardly,  and Seth- young and good-natured, with a surprising friendship with Edward. I give him a small smile which he's eager to return.

On the left stands, Jared- the most elusive pack member, he nods in acknowledgment of the vampire girl and I blush embarrassed. Paul, whom I hate to admit still scares me from when we first met and he turned into a werewolf in front of me. Then surprisingly Rachael, Jacobs sister who I remember from my childhood stands next to the wolves holding hands with Paul, looking as out of place as I feel. I don't take time too analyse there relationship/imprint and quickly turn away from Paul's calculating gaze. Colin and brandy are the last two. I know neither of them so I instead look around for Leah and the new wolf.

"Carlisle," I snapped my point of focus back to Sam, his voice weighed down with authority. Giving up my search for the female members of the pack.

"Sam" Carlisle countered his authority but neither seemed abrupt nor angry. Just resigned to the fact that a breach of treaty was long over-due. "Does Bella know about the meeting then?" Sam Uley said without giving away anything. Yes... of course I did. Something was wrong. I flicked my eyes up, just in time to see the swift movement of his head. No, it said. "Yes" He confirmed out loud. Liar. What didn't I know?


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