I am Brit (The sequal of Brit and Me By Anime-Lover)

brit and chloe where sisters (go check out anime-lover story to find out the beging) but now something tradigt has happend. and now its just brittt


1. 2 months later

.Its  been 2 months since.. My sister chloe died. Its been heart breaking. i just dont know what to do anymore. me and my emo group are just sad even more sad and bored with out chloe. everytime we speak about her i just break down in tears. i miss her so much.We had so much fun together and now its just gone. if i see that man who killed her i will murder him. i dont care. he took her life so why should he keep his? i don't care if i get arrested. Go on arrest me whatever.i used to cut myself sometimes but now i do it everyday to try get ride of the pain of chloe now being here....

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