Two Different Groups (One Direction Fanfiction)

Mia has been in a new world ever since she moved. She moved leaving behind her friends Brooke, Vicky, Niall and her al time best friend Louis. When she got there she has became something she never expected. Popular. Getting new friends Savvy, Claire, Liam and Harry and also getting one of the hottest boys Zayn. Forgetting all about her other friends she lives her new life until they move into town and attend her school.

* first fan fiction so don't be mean if it is horrible *


3. Unpopular and popular

Mia's POV * 1 and a half years ago *
Walking in the schools halls always drains the happiness out of me and making me want to hide myself, kill myself. I can see Alex the hottest boy in school trying to throw things at me but my friends are surrounding me. I just hear things like " Why doesn't she kill herself. "  " I don't know why she is still here. " and " Look at her she can't stand up for her self she is weak, stupid and look at her face HIDEOUS. " All i know is this stuff will change.

Mia POV * now *
When i walk in I am noticed immediately. I am really focused on finding Zayn though but i give them a good show. I walk down the hallways hearing them say " Is that the new style Mia. " " I love your boots " and " Give me your number. " I just walk until i find Zayn and he pulls me into a kiss. I hear my friends say ohh and the other people just shout random junk. I see Nicole come next to me and tell me i am gorgeous. I hope that never changes.

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