Two Different Groups (One Direction Fanfiction)

Mia has been in a new world ever since she moved. She moved leaving behind her friends Brooke, Vicky, Niall and her al time best friend Louis. When she got there she has became something she never expected. Popular. Getting new friends Savvy, Claire, Liam and Harry and also getting one of the hottest boys Zayn. Forgetting all about her other friends she lives her new life until they move into town and attend her school.

* first fan fiction so don't be mean if it is horrible *


1. The Past and The Present

Mia's POV * 1 year ago in the past *
I say my final goodbyes and stand in front ofLouis my best friend in the whole wide world. 
" Can't believe after all these years of always being with each other is going to end. " he says making me want to drown in tears.
" Well it has to end sometime " i say so shaky, then he tells me the last thing i want to remember forever.
" Remember us. " he says gesturing to him, Niall, Brooke and Vicky.
" Remember me. " he says in a soft voice letting go of my arm. I walk in my dad's car and head off waving at my best friends.

Mia's POV * now in the present *
I here the honking of a car and open my window. I see Harry staring at me outside in his car.
" CAN YOU WAIT HARRY I WILL BE DOWN IN A SECOND. " I scream at him from the window.
" WELL I LIKE THE SIGHT I AM SEEING SO I CAN WAIT. " he yells to make sure i here him. I don't know what he means by that until i look down to see i only put on my bra on and not my shirt. I close my window, put on my shirt and run downstairs. 
" Bye dad, bye mom. " i say and run out to his car with two bananas in my hand. I jump in the passenger seat of his car and pass him the other banana. 
" You're a pervert you know that. " 
" Of course i do. " he says taking a bite of the banana. I love my friends


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