Two Different Groups (One Direction Fanfiction)

Mia has been in a new world ever since she moved. She moved leaving behind her friends Brooke, Vicky, Niall and her al time best friend Louis. When she got there she has became something she never expected. Popular. Getting new friends Savvy, Claire, Liam and Harry and also getting one of the hottest boys Zayn. Forgetting all about her other friends she lives her new life until they move into town and attend her school.

* first fan fiction so don't be mean if it is horrible *


2. Funny car ride and Crazy car ride

Mia's POV * 1 an a half years ago *
" Turn up the radio Louis I can't tell what the song is. " I say from the backseat with Niall by my side. Of course it is Justin Beiber. I am not a fan of him so i just sink in my seat but however Niall starts to jump up and down his seat singing the song like a freak making Louis car bounce.
" I JUST NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE " he shouts the lyrics of somebody to love so loud. I watch as Brooke turns around to face Niall and they start singing the song together. I laugh so hard once they start dancing to the part were it goes.
" AND YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL ANYTHING YOU WANT " Niall sings. He has a beautiful voice actually even Louis. It final ends when we arrive at school.

Mia's POV * Now *
I hear a large bang while Harry and I were singing Friday . I cover Harry's mouth.
" DID YOU HEAR THAT. " I shout accidentally. He stops the car and opens the trunk.
" OMG Claire how did you get in Harry's car trunk and why are you tied up. " she stares at Harry and they both stare at me. Did they no.
" Harry was drunk. " she says.
" Did you do it. " I say staring into space.
" NO. " they shout in unison while i take the rope of Claire. Good thing they didn't do it

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