The Forgotten Prince

Amilia’s diary age 12 December 15th 1886 Christmas is different for me, where others get surrounded with gifts, warm fires and happy faces, I get locked up. This happens the day after my birthday, when the winter comes. The fact its right after my birthday only makes me feel emptier, lonelier, and very hollow when I’m forced to become a prisoner in my own room. Still I would love to see the snow, even just once. I’m not even allowed to look out of the windows because the doctors say it will make me very sick. I have seen what snow looks like in various pictures and paintings and I don't understand how such a beautiful looking thing could make me sick. I don’t want my father to know how bad this makes me feel, he is in too much pain himself, but I also don’t know how long I can hold all this back. Do I become what my father wants just to keep him happy? To keep everything working in order? I want to prove him wrong, but what if he is not wrong?


1. Keeping the promise

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Amilia’s Diary Age 11                                                             December 5th 1885  

My dad said that if I stay in my room again this winter, he would let me get a puppy for my twelfth birthday. I know the one I want, one just like Prince. I wish I could get him now. The worst of it is that it is still a whole year away; Hazel said she would make sure he keeps this promise, so I know it will happen.


If I am so happy, then why am I crying?



Amilia gave off an exited squeal, as they reached the door of the pet store. Once her father rattled the door she stood, waiting impatiently for movement from inside. Today she would finally get her puppy.

 Amilia closed her eyes and tried to keep an image of prince in her head. She wanted to find a puppy that exactly matched what she believed prince would look like.

“Young Lady Amilia. When your father told me how excited you were about getting a puppy, I told him to come here early and I would give you the first pick of my new shipment”

Amilia opened her eyes. “Thank you” she said, as she pushed passed the man into the chorus of barks and yips.

“Amilia” her father shouted after her. “I am sorry about that Mr Oswald, she is an excitable girl”

“Oh think nothing of it, are you in a hurry Duke Imsly?”

“Yes, we are in a bit of a hurry,” replied Duke Imsly.

Amilia excitedly ran up to the puppies behind the glass window. “I can have whatever one I want?”” she asked.

 Her father was still looking at his watch. She tried to ignore it. Amilia quickly glanced at all the puppies one by one, and suddenly there in front of her was Prince, just as she imagined him “I want that one,” she said “Oh it looks just like Prince, papa that one is the dog I want.”

“Which one, that one?” said her father, pointing away from Prince.

“No I think she means that one” Replied Mr Oswald pointing at another puppy.

There were many puppies behind the glass, and she knew if it took too long her father would give up and take her home without prince, so Amilia ran over to the glass door and impatiently pushed it open. “Look I’ll show you, it’s that one”

“Donopanadoor!” cried Mr Oswald

Amilia had hardly a moment to think. The puppies ran out of the open door in many different directions. Amilia, realizing the mistake she made, tried not to giggle. Even though she had let all the puppies loose, Mr Oswald was running after Prince.

Mr Oswald was rather bulky, so prince was able to outrun his reach. After several failed attempts, her father tried a new tactic; to trap him using one of Mr Oswald’s tough metal bins.

The bin tactic worked and Amilia’s father held a white puppy in his grip “I’ve got him,” he shouted.

“No, that’s not him”

She looked around the floor urgently seeking the puppy that she wanted more than any other there, the one she had chosen.

“There!” she cried, running across the floor of puppies, while keeping her eyes fixed on Prince. The clever dog made a dash under the carpet. Amilia crawled along the floor, insistently trying to catch the speedy lump.

Thanks to the present chaos, some of Mr Oswald's top hats lay scattered across the floor. Amilia quickly grabbed the closest one and placed it on top of the lump.

“Gotcha” she cried.

She was rather pleased with herself “Did you see that father?” Just as she turned to see if her father had been watching, the top hat dashed passed her in the other direction. “Wait!” cried Amilia.

“She said she caught one!” Mr Oswald Bellowed. Amilia looked on in horror, as Mr Oswald leaped through the air, and with a loud crash, he landed right on top of prince.

“No Prince!” Amilia cried out.

Mr Oswald shook his head to clear it. “Oh dear, I am sorry. I did not realize that it was a hat. I thought it was my metal dustbin”

 Duke Imsly ran over and helped Mr Oswald to his feet.

Amilia could hardly see the hat through the tears welling up in her eyes. Yet she could not take her eyes away from it. Mr Oswald must have seen the tears falling from her eyes. He took a step away from the duke and looked down at the flat hat, as if to find a solution to an unsolvable problem. “I really am very sorry, I got a little caught up in the moment it seems” He took a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to her.

Amilia sniffed and tightened her lips. She looked up at Mr Oswald. She was so angry that she felt like screaming at the top of her lungs. The man had flattened her dog and shattered her dream. Amilia picked up the metal bin before her father could take it from her, and she threw it across the room at the window, shattering it into a thousand pieces.

A sudden wave of cold air blew through the shattered window causing the puppies to shiver and whine.

“Oh dear” said Mr Oswald, taking a step back from Amilia and turning to her father. “Look, I really never intended to hurt the puppy, oh, let her have any puppy in the store she wants for free, as my way of saying sorry”

“I don’t want any other dog, I wanted that one, you you...” Amilia began.

That is enough!” Duke Imsly demanded.

Amilia froze, she had never so angry before in her life. “I won’t go home without Prince, it’s his fault, all his fault,” she shouted.

“You will come home, and it’s not his fault. If you had been patient and not opened that door, this would never have happened!”

Amilia felt cold at her father’s words, it was because of him wanting to rush that she opened the door in the first place.


Amilia turned her attention to the carpet and quickly pulled it up. The little puppy leaped out and into her arms, it was shivering with the cold.

“Prince” Amilia squealed

Her father turned to face Mr Oswald. “I am very sorry for the trouble we have caused you, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you find the other dogs. Amilia is very sick you see, and I need to get her home, now. This should cover the cost of all the damages and more” He slid a generous sack of coins across the table.

Amilia held prince and stayed silent. She knew her father would tell him. He had promised not to but she knew he would. Now she was getting that look. The fear of it being contagious one that everyone gave her. It was always the same, people’s attitudes would change as soon as they found out she had an illness.

Mr Oswald placed his handkerchief over his face, looking unwilling to take the money. “No I insist, take the puppy and go, I wish you a fast journey home”

“It’s not a contagious illness Oswald, the money is quite safe” Her father left the money on a table and grabbed Amilia by the arm. He quickly pulled her out of the store.

Amilia looked up at her father’s rigid face; guilt was flooding her mind for her actions. She held on to Prince and cuddled him “I’m sorry,” She said.

Her father shook his head “No I’m sorry”

Both of them then climbed inside the carriage and went home.

When at last they arrived Amilia hoisted the box from the back seat, and Prince unhappily tumbled down the inside of the box floor. She was carrying the box in an awful rush. She was half way up the steps, when it donned on her that she was carrying a tiny little puppy, and gently with great care, she walked from there to her room.

Gently she placed down the box in the middle of her room. It was a bright yellow box with a large purple ribbon, and covered in tiny little holes.

Amilia quickly untied the bow, and took the lid from the top of the box. There curled up inside was the cutest puppy she had ever laid eyes on. It was a golden-furred puppy, with two loving brown eyes, its mouth was as black as its nose.

Prince glancing up saw a kind and caring face, and he surly welcomed it to the previous ordeal of being inside the scary box.

“Hello boy, I am Amilia, and your name is Prince,” Said Amilia, reaching her hand out to pat Prince’s fluffy face.

Prince scurried away from Amilia’s hand, bumping right into the side of the box. The poor puppy got such a fright, he let out a “yelp” and ran behind the box for shelter. He appeared to be very frightened of this new place.

Amilia stood up and walked to her bed. Near her pillow lay a picture-less book in a thick red binder. She sat it down in front of the box and opened it at her favourite page. She saw Prince peek around the corner of the box to see what she was doing.

“And there stood he, my puppy, my prince, my dog, so loyal and true. My guard and guide, from things that hide, from even the best human view” Amilia read out to Prince.

When Amilia finished reading some of the pages, she quietly carried his box over to her bed, placed a soft red pillow inside it, and went back for prince.

Gently she lifted him into her hands, and softly she placed him down on the pillow.

“Goodnight Prince”

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