a letter home ...

i wrote this letter just a few hours ago. it all about a soldier who has just found out some deverstating news. hope you all like it....


1. Dear the loved ones

Dear Mum,

i am looking forward to coming home from this grotesque war.i am quite frankly terrified of this place and i just want to come beck to a warm,enticing home. we dont really get much rewards at all. my commander just told us some spine-chilling news, he said we were going over the top,leaving base my heart stopped when he said it i have only just got my breath beck. i prey down into my arms for hope. however i know i am going to die so i will wait for you in heaven. SWEET DREAMS MUM, try not to miss me i will be there when you need me, dont cry,its the end of my road. good luck i was a soldier,i was born to die. put my medals on my chest and tell my friends and family i done my best. i hope you recive this before i die, however there might be hope, otherwise this is goodbye.

your love- ella

P.S remember 3 simple words


dont forget this xx


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