What Rat Wants

Rat is a 12 year old boy who lives in New York with his rich parents, getting everything he wants, when he wants it. But when, his parents unexpectedly go missing, Rat is plunged deep into a world of Poverty where what he wants is ignored like never before.


1. Ratted Out

Rat had always wanted to be a normal boy but with five houses and weekly pocket money that amounted to some of his friends' yearly pocket money, he'd never really fitted in. But then why would he need to? When he was short of friends, Father just hired some. If he wanted a pet, he had it brought to him when he wanted to play and looked after when he was away,or just simply not bothered.

In conclusion, Rat was spoiled. End of.

His Mother, Margaret Rose hill (Margaret to her friends), was a fully-trained doctor at Rose hill GP Walk-in centre. Everyday she woke up at 6 am, so that she could apply her makeup, get dressed and have enough time to put on her ridiculously high heels before having to leave at 9 am sharp. She was rather disgusted at the lack of time she had to apply her makeup and often had to reapply in the limousine on her way to work because the layers were 'too thin' on her face.

  After a long, long day of ordering people around, Margaret would return home by 1 o'clock to supervise her son's piano lesson, then she'd take a nap and go out partying with Bill, return by 12.00 and start the regime again.

Enough about that, back to Rat!

The alarm clock beeped in his mothers room and Rat turned over in his bed. Why could they never get soundproof walls?BEEP BEEP. Rat was annoyed now, He threw his silk cover on the floor, put on his dressing gown and stomped down the corridor.

"Mum, turn off that dreaded alarm right now.NOW!" Why can't she turn that bloody beeping alarm off?!

Rat swerved at the mantelpiece and opened his mothers door.

"MUM TURN IT OFF!" Rat shouts. But in the room his mum isn't sitting on her bed putting on her stockings or applying her makeup in the mirror. She's in the toilet. Of course!

Not wanting to evade her personal space, Rat politely knocked on the bathroom door, after switching off the horrible alarm.

"Mum, are you in there?" he called out.

No reply? What on earth?????


Still no reply at all. Why? Where is she? Where is she?

"Mum, I am coming in and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I don't care if you are on the toilet. It's happening now.... 3........2.........1.....!"

Rat bursts into the toilet, but it's empty and suddenly he bursts into tears on the marble floor.

"Mummy..." he wailed. Where's she gone? Why has she left me all  alone???

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