The Baby Years: Sequel to Love never Lasts

After a few years of living with the boys, Sophie has had a baby, got engaged to niall, had a few 'problems' and Amelia has been switching boyfriends.

(Includes Union J and McFly...coming soon!)

Read the first one first!


20. You Never

Harrys P.O.V

I still cant believe Sophie took me back after all I have done to her. She honestly shouldn't of taken me back. Knowing what a monster I am I'll break her poor heart again! I do love her, so much, but seriously. I still thinks she still loves Liam more though. The way she stares into his eyes and the way they hug. It breaks my heart to see her spend more time with Liam than she does with me. She should go back with Niall, they should get married and all that stuff. Any one in the world would be better for her than I am!

After she pulled away from the kiss I planned how I'd tel her about all the other girls as well. She only knows about 3 of the 5 girls. Taylor, a girl called Keeley, and a girl called Sky. The other two are a girl called Jessie and a girl called Zani (Zan-e). I am a messed up person! I've broken the hearts of all the girls I've ever dated. But Sophie is special, she has something about her. Not sure what it is, but when I first saw her at that concert, I fell instantly in love. I knew that she had a thing for Niall, so I left her to Niall. I hate my life!

I want it to end. I dont want to live. They'll be better off with out me. Why do they even trust me anymore? The only one who actually likes me is Louis. Sophie is putting it on. I love her sooooo much, but its obvious she dont like me aymore.

"Harry, whats wrong?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked Sophie straight in the eye.

"You deserve a guy better than me... I'm just gonna break your heart again. You deserve a guy like Liam. Fun, loving, sweet and hot. Now I'm trying be gay, but he is hot you have to agree Sophie!"

"Harry, what are you saying? I love you! I love Liam as well, but as a friend. Dont do this to me!"

"Sophie, I dont want to break your heart again. I cant bear to see you cry!"

"Fine. If you want it that way, let it be! Liams was right, you are a monster!"

Woah. That hurt. She said that out loud, to my face. I couldnt help but cry, she was crying as well. She called Liam in and he took her out. Louis and Zenia came in. Zenia gave me a disgusted look and walked out, Louis following behind her. Irs true. I'm a monster. As soon as they walked out, I pulled all the wires off me. Goodbye cruel world.


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