The Baby Years: Sequel to Love never Lasts

After a few years of living with the boys, Sophie has had a baby, got engaged to niall, had a few 'problems' and Amelia has been switching boyfriends.

(Includes Union J and McFly...coming soon!)

Read the first one first!


11. Wow, time passes by quickly!

Amelias P.O.V 

*9 months pregnant*

So I'm now 9 months pregnant, we have all the stuff we possibly need. I am staying home round this time. The due date is.... 29th September!! Thats Sophies Birthday!!! OMG!!! Thats so cool!!

It is the 29th September right now, so it could be today! Exciting but nervous time! Jaymi and Zayn haven't talked since, well, since they found out that I was pregnant. I swear they like, hate each other now!

"Jaymi, you need to talk to Zayn sometime or another. You two were best friends!"

"Well, he came up to me and... punched me, in the stomach. He had been doing it for weeks. I dealt with it till then."

He lifted his shirt slightly and I saw a massive bruise.

"Then he started getting really violent. I called the poilce because I got scared. They kept him at the head quarters over night."

"Jaymi, I need to talk to him. Can I?"

"Sure, go ahead."

I grabbed my coat and keys and headed for the door. I reached out for the handle and I got a sudden sharp pain in my stomach. I screamed in pain and fell onto my knees. Jaymi came over and grabbed my arm and helped me up. He lead me to the car and drove me to the hospital. Jaymi called Sophie, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zenia and George. They all agreed and came as fast as they could. Lucky, I actually gave birth before they arrived. When they walked in Sophie and Zenia came over and hugged me. The boys just stood there, and smiled. (Except Jaymi)

"Wheres Zayn?"

Harry was being nosy, again. They all looked over to me. I looked at Sophie to explain, since I told her. And she knew about Jaymi as well.

"Well, Amelia told Jaymi she was pregnant, and Jaymi told Zayn. Zayn got really upset and started being very violent towards Jaymi, and he did it for weeks on end. In the end, Jaymi couldn't take it and called the police. I believe Zayn is waiting at head quaters right now."

I looked at the boys and they all had shocked/angry expressions on their faces. Niall was nearly in tears, and he left. He texted me after he left telling me he'd gone to get Zayn.

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