The Baby Years: Sequel to Love never Lasts

After a few years of living with the boys, Sophie has had a baby, got engaged to niall, had a few 'problems' and Amelia has been switching boyfriends.

(Includes Union J and McFly...coming soon!)

Read the first one first!


16. My Turn

Liams P.O.V

It was finally my turn to see the new baby. I wonder what gender it is, whats the name? All I know is that she/he is gonna be super cute! Just like his/her mother... Liam stop! She has a happy relationship. Dont ruin it now! If I ruin it, I will feel so so guilty.

I walked in to see Harry and Sophie sat with the new baby. She was adorable! Yes, its a girl this time! Her eyes are a greenish colour, like Harrys. I tear up, knowing I was going to be an uncle again. I walked over to the bed and sat down on a chair. I stroked her cheek and she wriggled, so I freked out a bit. Both Harry and Sophie laughed. I was just confused. But I was also happy. As I held her all my memories came back to me, basically a flash back. Audtioning for the X Factor, getting put in One Direction, our first album, meeting Sophie, falling for her, being there for her, all that kind of stuff.

I let a tear escape my eye, and role down my cheek. I looked uop at Sophie and Harry. Harry had his arm around her, but he looked upset. Troubled maybe. I gave the baby back to Sophie and took Harrys arm. I pulled him into a corner of the room and asked him an important question.

"Harry, whats wrong? Are you okay?"

"I, um, kinda got drunk last night and, you know.... had a 'good time' with another girl."

"Harry how could you? You love Sophie, and I swear to god thats like the fifth time now. Who with?"

"Uhhhh...." he rubbed the back of his neck and looked up. This time I knew it was bad. "It was... Taylor. Liam, you have to understand Im sorry!"

I looked over at Sophie and bit my lip. She was still playing with the baby. I looked back at Harry, who had started crying. He sat down in a chair with his head in his hands.

"Taylor called right after you did. Shes expecting too."

Ok, I cant take it anymore. He has done this to many times to her, I cant stand to see her hurt again. I felt like I had to slap him. I held back my hand and started shouting.

"Harry, I swear to god you dont deserve her. You have done it to many times now and I hate seeing her hurt! She is a 22 year old girl, barely old enough to look after 2 kids that you helped produce! Cant you already see how hurt she is?! And now, you've gone and knocked up another girl?! You are a monster Harry! A monster that slowly kills the ones he loves! You dont deserve her, so why dont you go back to Taylor and raise her baby instead?! All i know is that she will never forgive you!"

Wow, glad I let that out. Harry just stood there crying. Why do I have such a big mouth. Sometimes I'm even sassier than Louis will ever be. Well I could tell that he was extremely angry, because next thing I know I was on the floor. I had a pounding head ache, and I lifted mt hand to my left eye. He'd punched my in the side of the head right by my left eye. I had a cut, about an inch long, that was bleeding. Everything went black...

Sophies P.O.V

I heard Liam and Harry talking but they were whispering so I couldnt hear. Jade starting whimpering a bit so I turned my head back to her and kisse her gently, Yes, my baby is called Jade, Jade Mary Styles. She fell asleep pretty quickly so I looked back at the boys. Harry was in the chair with his head in his hands crying. I looked back to Jade because see started whimpering again. its like she could tell something was wrong. Then all I heard was Liam shouting.

"Harry, I sweat to god you dont deserve her..."

Did Liam have... feelings for me? No, no no of course not. Or did he? He has been my best friend for ages and he'd never do that to me and Harry. No, did I just hear that?

"And now, you've gone and knocked up another girl?!"

I started to cry, and then there was more shouting. When Liam fineshed, Harry got up and punched in the side of the face. Liam fell onto the floor. He moved a tiny bit, but then his body went still. I was paniking now, hoping he was okay. I looked up at harry who had an angry look on his face. I shot him a death glare and looked back a Jade. He started walking over to me, and I screamed. Niall and Zayn ran in and jumped on Harry, causing all three of them to fall over. Louis and zenia came over to me and held me tightly. I was literally crying, out of control. Louis kissed my cheek to calm me down, but a friendly kiss. Zenia was hugging me and she was also crying.

Harry was trying to fight Zayn and Niall off of him but they were too strong for him. Louis went over to Liam and woke him up. Louis got him a wet cloth for his head. Liam sat beside me and I hugged him. I felt the urge to kiss him, he had actually defended me from getting hurt again. He was so kind. I stared into his choclate brown eyes. He was so perfect. But I cant believe he likes me. I swear he got over me ages ago. I played with his hair and studied his perfect face. Wait, do I have feelings for Liam? Well, since Harry and I wont been dating anymore, I guess its not that bad!



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