The Baby Years: Sequel to Love never Lasts

After a few years of living with the boys, Sophie has had a baby, got engaged to niall, had a few 'problems' and Amelia has been switching boyfriends.

(Includes Union J and McFly...coming soon!)

Read the first one first!


2. Fights and Jay

Sophies P.O.V

Me and harry had finally started talking again.

"Harry, is there anyth-"

I was cut off by Harry kissing me. I forgot everthing and kissed him back. Two words.... BIG MISTAKE! As soon as Harry placed his lips on mine Niall walked in! I pulled away and saw Niall standing there, in complete shock. He had been probably standing there about 2- 3 minutes? I could see the tear stains on his cheek. I felt like killing my self!

"Niall! Let me explain!"

Before I could say anymore he'd lcoked him self in the bedroom. I ran upstairs and knocked on the door begging him to let me in. Harry came up behind me and I just jestjured for harry to go away for a minute.

"Niall, let me in! It wasn't what it looked like!"

At this point I was in tears too. Niall came over and unlocked the door and let me in. His eyes were red and puffy. Guilt ran through me and I just burst into tears again.

"Niall, it wasn't at all what it looked like! Harry just jumped on me and I sank into the moment!"

"Soph, I trust you and will never let you go. Just, don't do that anymore, ok?"


We kissed and shared a long hug. Then Nialls phone rang.

"Hello, this is Niall Horan speaking?"

"Hello, Mr. Horan. Jay is fine now."

"Thank you so much! Good bye!"

And with that Niall put the phone down. He had a huge smile on his face. He grabbed my arm and grabbed the car keys and drove off. We arrived at the hospital and ran into the office.

"What room is Jay Horan in?"

"Just over there!" The women pointed to a area in the ward filled with children paients. We ran over into Jays room where we saw him sitting on a bed with a colouring book. He looked up and screamed MOMMY! DADDY! We ran over and hugged him and took him home. But the fights werent over...

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