The Baby Years: Sequel to Love never Lasts

After a few years of living with the boys, Sophie has had a baby, got engaged to niall, had a few 'problems' and Amelia has been switching boyfriends.

(Includes Union J and McFly...coming soon!)

Read the first one first!


15. Confessions

Sophie's P.O.V

I went downstairs as Zayn followed behind. Zayn had to tell Amelia how he felt, or nothing would get better. He knew that Amelia would never take him back, but it was worth a shot! As much as I knew Amelia loved Jaymi, I wanted her and Zayn to get back together. I have to admit, I've never really liked Jaymi. He's always giving me dirty looks. What have I ever done to him? Well, except call him gay then yeah, I've done nothing!

As we reached the last step, Zayn stopped. He hesitated before stepping down. Everyone was looking at us. Zayn couldnt take it and started crying again. I hugged him and shot a look at Amelia. She came over and took Zayn upstairs. Uh oh, Jaymis angry... shit! I know that he can throw a hard punch, so I dont want to get in his way! I awkwardly walked away into the garden. It was a sunny, but cold day. I sat down in the grass and started to pick it. Well, how can I resist? Its like giving Louis bubblewrap! Its irrestistable!

I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I looked to see who it was. Few, only Harry. But, he has a cut on his face. I got up a little suprised, since I knew harry was never one to use violence. It was quite a big cut, so I was quite worried.

"Harry, why do you have a cut on your face?"

"Well...... um....... Jaymi is super mad at you. He thinks your trying to get Zayn and Amelia back together."

"Uh, well, I..... might be?"

"Sophie you cant do that! You're gonna end up getting hurt!"

Why does it even matter to him? Well, I guess because hes my boyfriend and all he should be worried. But I was more worried about Zayn than my safety. I sat back down in the grass, and Harry came and sat beside me. Was I the love doctor or something? Well, at least Zayn can get over Amelia after he has told her his confessions.

Well, you can tell that Jaymi is very angry. He is throwing stuff, swearing, screaming, and all that violence stuff. I felt so so bad right now. I put my head on Harrys shoulder and he played with my brown hair. I felt torn, and before i knew it, I had fallen asleep on Harrys shoulder.

*Few Days Later*

Okay, right now, I'm in bed. I'm ill, I feel like I'm dying! Harry is constantly bringing me tissues, pain killers, soup, all that stuff you need when your ill. I really dont want him to catch my flu, so I am constantly telling him to stop. He's going on tour in a few day! I dont want him to be on stage feeling really ill. I dont want to ruin it for the fans. Ahhh, I have really really bad cramps right now. Holy shit it hurts! I cant move to get anything, except my phone. Harry had gone out with his family for the day, so I texted Liam to come over. He came over and told me it'd be best if I go to hospital. Since today is 13th October (babys due date) I'm pretty scared. I cant get up, so Liam called an ambulance... Here we go!

Liams P.O.V

Sophie called. Well, texted. She told me to come over. I now see why! I know for a fact that the baby is coming! She told me not to tell Harry because she wanted him to stay with his family; we rarely get to see our families anymore, since were on tour and stuff. Right now, were in the ambulance going to the hospital. Sophie has my hand in hers and is squeezing it so hard, I think my hand is dead. When we got to the hospital, she was rushed into the materinty ward. I couldnt follow so I waited in the waiting room. While I was waiting I called Zayn, Amelia, Niall, Lily (his new gf), Louis and Zenia. I didnt have Jaymis number, so he wasnt coming.

When I got to Harrys contact, I was unsure if I should call or not. Sophie told me not to, but my heart and brain were telling me to call him. Before I could think straight I was on the phone to Harry.

ring ring, ring rin...


"Harry, its Liam. Uh, how to put this. Sophie is in the hospital...."

"I'll be right there!"


Phone call ended. Well, he's coming thats for sure! Me and the others were waiting outside, waiting for any news. Harry arrived, and he looked at us all.

"Why didnt she call me?"

"She didnt want to ruin your day with your family."

"Well, she knows perfectly well if she needs help I will stop anything I'm doing to help her!"

Suddenly, a nurse walked out. We all stood up and she was kind of shocked. She stepped back a bit and said that 3 people could come in. We decided it would be Harry, Amelia and Zayn. I had to wait my turn.

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