Imani Duhe lead singer of the famous R&B band Matched is in for a rollercoaster ride when two of the boys from One Direction begin to fancy her.
Okay so i dont know how to write a summary so just read the book i guess lol


3. My House, Close Calls, and Impatient Peopl

Our security pulled up to our house we hopped and thanked them for the ride. As we always do. We don’t know much of them but we always thanks them because that is the right thing to do.

I looked at my phone and it was 6:30. No time to do anything but sit and wait. I could change clothes quick fast. Yea that sounds good. I ran up the stairs and went into my room. This is my house but the boys claim its theirs too because they come here a lot but they don’t live here they live somewhere else like down the street around the corner. They have a house together. Yeah its like that.

I put on some different shorts and a t-shirt from Tyler Oakley that said professional fan girls that one of my fans sent to me. I liked it it was cute. I just went barefoot because this is my house. I’m a mixed girl part White part black so im really light skin with dark brown hair that I made the tips like burgundy and the underlayer is too.

Kemo did not like the fact I dyed my hair. Me and the boys had known each other for a very long time so whenever I changed myself in the least it was like the whole world was about to explode.

But they should just get over it right because I can do whatever I want to do! The doorbell rang and I hear footsteps running thourgh the house.

“I am answering the door its my house!” I yelled. The last thing I need is for one of the boys to go to the door naked because Tj has done that once. It was not cute. Tj was not naked but he was almost. He only had on boxers.


“Never!” He said. I pushed him up the stairs and ran to the door. Whoever was ringing the doorbell was getting impatient and kept ringing it.

“Im coming be patient!” I muttered a string of curse words under my breath before opening the door.

“Finally we bought food and Niall was about to start eating it.” Louis said. I stepped aside and they started to walk in. Is it british people tradition to like kiss people on their cheeks? I got a kiss from every one of them.  They brought six large pizzas and set them down on the table in the living room.

“Lovely home.” Liam said.

“Thanks.” They all sat on the sofas but Louis took a bean bag. Interesting. Isn’t he supposed to be 20 years old? Well I guess its amazing to have a little bit of child still in you.

“Hey” I looked back and there was Tj in some clothes.  Praise the Lord.

“Hey” Zach and Kemo walked in. They all sat around the table and dug into the pizza. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad after all!

*Sorry short chapter but the next chapter will be long and it will be in a boys POV.

Much love, Imani

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